Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Free Post

It's been awhile since I've been able (or had the inclination) to blog with frequency: I have a new job, I have been traveling every week, and my weekends are not my own. But I'm still here and I'll continue to post on occasion. When my current project eases up a bit, you may see me post more often.

I would love to hear from my blog buddies, so drop an update in the Comments.

I did come across an interesting website today: "Abolish the "N" Word"

I found the site to be interesting... well, the opening salvo is very eye-opening and gives one pause. I have resolved that I will no longer use the "N" word, but the site appears to have some factual inaccuracies (about the origin of the word "nigger", when it entered the lexicon of American English, and when we started referring to it as the "N" word). Be that as it may, I may even purchase a pack of cards and pass them around.

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Christopher King said...

Plez, I've been waiting for a dialogue like this for quite some time. Glad you posted this.

The reason I still say nigger is because they still treat us like niggers. So why hide it?

Wait until you see the a-b-c-d points I have assembled on my blawg about New Hampshire's unfettered bigotry (more so from the establishment than the common folk) and watch Judge Lynn's reaction to me at 3:10 into the video noted here:


I've been dealing with a bunch of crackers out there, for sure. Remember how the chief and his attorney also laughed at the prospect of my being gang-raped in prison?

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