Saturday, September 15, 2007

Boston College 24, Georgia Tech 10

On Saturday, September 15th #21 Boston College came to Atlanta and shocked the #15 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Bobby Dodd Stadium. The game was not as close as the score indicates, as the BC quarterback Matt Ryan threw for a career high 435 yards. He picked Georgia Tech's highly touted defense apart like they were the JV squad.

On the flip side, the BC defense held GT's star running back Tashard Choice to only 31 yards on 15 carries, ending his 9 game streak of 100+ yard games. And GT quarterback Taylor Bennett looked downright pedestrian in his vain attempts to complete a down field pass. It was total domination on both sides of the ball from the first quarter and after Tech's first possession, the outcome was never in doubt.

These are two quality programs (possibly the two best in the ACC) and this may be the preview of the ACC Championship Game, which I predict Georgia Tech will win. This was Tech's first true test after thrashing listless Notre Dame (who fell to 0-3) and running up the score on Div II Samford. I'm sure that they learned a lot about themselves and have good game film on what needs to be corrected over this week.

I was at the game on Saturday evening and my two takeaways are as follows:
  1. Boston College should be in the Top 10 because they are vastly underrated; they have a solid offense and defense.

  2. We'll be seeing QB Matt Ryan at the Heisman Trophy presentation in December. He is a better passer and has more yards than the QB's at Kentucky and Louisville (currently ranked #1 and #2, respectively), and he plays on a much better team than Hawaii.

Per the challenge from my buddy David, over at SullsBlog, the MIGHTY BC Eagle mascot will be prominently displayed on plezWorld for the remainder of this week.


David Sullivan said...

You are a man of your word. I understand that being a proud Alum of GT this will be a tourterous week having to stare down the Eagle each time you view your blog.

That said, BC has been overrated for years. They have more QB's, OL and DL's playing in the NFL than most. I admire a man who can admit he was wrong:

"i usually do not bet on the success or failure of a bunch of fickle college kids, but...

...YOU'RE ON!!!

after GEORGIA TECH whips up on those pansy BC Eagles on Saturday evening"

I would welcome, as I'm sure my Eagles would, the chance to play you guys again in the ACC Championship Game. Maybe Bennet will break a leg and you guys can find a real QB down on the depth chart.

plez... said...


if nothing else, i'm a man of my word, since that's all i really have: MY WORD! *smile*

BC was A LOT better than i had imagined... and they whipped us good!

that Matt Ryan is the REAL DEAL... he was dropping passes in there like he was shooting fish in a barrel! i was very impressed.

i hope we get to even the score in the ACC Championship Game (and maybe we'll have a QB who can complete a pass 20 yards down field... now i see why he couldn't start ahead of Reggie Ball last year).

David Sullivan said...

I meant to say that BC was underrated for years. I have been overrated.

Suldog said...


You honor your school by honoring the bet. You prove yourself honorable.

I wouldn't be surprised to see them meet again in the ACC championship. I think these two are definitely the class of the league - throw in Clemson and (maybe) Florida State.

Christopher Chambers said...

Lawd you are priming the pump for all the bookies aren't you! ;-)

Enigmatik said...

Sup yo,

I stumbled on your blog and saw that you're a NUPE from Lambda Delta. I've met a few brothers from your chapter (Rodney, Micah, Dorian, Elliot, Barry).

I'll be adding you to the blogroll, Phi.

Lisa Johnson said...

I hadn't read about the bet until after I saw the post. I was sure surprised to see the BC logo here! ; ) Looks like you guys all had fun with the bet and this has been really nice to see! ; )

Unknown said...

This has to hurt...

plez... said...

David had all of the fun... i ended up with that damn screamin' chicken at the top of my blog for a whole week!

i see that you've entered into a similar bet with David's cousin at Suldog. i'm not a big fan of the Yankees, but i'll be rooting for you! *smile*