Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tea Party & Birthers Say, "Racism! What Racism?!?"

plez sez: it is, what it is!

oh no, don't say plezWorld is gonna start bloggin' again!


The Conservative Mom said...

Seriously? Is this really what you think of Conservatives who want to scale back an ever-growing Federal Government?

I came across your blog quite by accident while searching images. So when I saw that you've stereo-typed tea-partiers into "birthers" and "racists" I thought I might start a dialog with you.

Let me know what you think, if you want, and why you think it. I bet we have more in common than you know.

One disclaimer that might help: I am NOT a Republican. :)


plez... said...


my blog post was not about "Conservatives who want to scale back an ever-growing Federal Government," the post was a very funny cartoon that shows the bent of those "birthers" and "tea party revelers" who take President Obama to task not because of his politics but because of his race!

i was not a proponent of the BIG BAILOUTS, but for some reason, these people conveniently forget that the FIRST BIG BAILOUT was executed by President Bush! these "conservatives" never blather about how Bush squandered the budget surplus into TRILLION DOLLAR deficits, they never talk about how he escalated the WARS in iraq and afghanistan with deficit spending... i think it is more than a mere coincidence the "tea party" didn't EXIST until President Obama was elected! i often wonder WHY the wall street collapse, the housing market collapse, the banking collapse, the auto industry collapse (all of which are being repaired by President Obama), are NEVER blamed on the reckless policies of George Bush?!?

so in a word, "YES," that cartoon pretty well captures my sentiments on "tea partiers" and "birthers!" your turn...


achoiceofweapons said...

I dig your post!