Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cynthia "Video Vixen" McKinney

I promised myself that I would let it go ... after the debate, there would be no more Cynthia McKinney posts on my blog until after the election next week (I don't want to unfairly swing the vote in her favor!). But I came across this YouTube.com entry on the Georgia Politics Unfiltered blog and I just couldn't help myself.

Here is Cynthia McKinney (and her well-wishers) shufflin' and grinnin' after her bid to return to Congress was thrown into a run-off election. The only things missing are Cindy Sheehan in blackface and a couple of watermelons!
Shake that thang!
Shake that thang!
You gotta shake that thang!

Before you hit the play button, please swallow whatever you are eating or drinking, or I guarantee that it is going to come shooting out of your nose! Enjoy!


Roderick said...

Dude you truely have an obsession with Cynthia McKinney.

It must be her new thicker build that has you all hyped up. LOL

vcthree said...

On that hideous video alone, I'd be compelled to vote her the hell out. But I see your quandary--if you keep her, you'll get the same batshit you've come to expect from her. You vote her out, then who takes her place?

DivineLavender said...

That is funny....I love the soundtrack! Cynthia gonna be already...white polticians make asses of themselves too! She is black...but is in Congress.

What do you expect?

That was funny! LMAO

plez... said...

roderick said: Dude, you truly have an obsession with Cynthia McKinney.

plez sez: i can't help myself, must've been the way she was swaying those ample hips in that video!

vcthree asks: You vote her out, then who takes her place?

plez sez: Hank Johnson takes her place. He's (to steal a George H. W. Bush-ism) a kinder, gentler sort.

DivineLavender asks: What do you expect?

plez sez: I expect a whole lot more than what Cynthia McKinney can deliver! The post was in jest, but she seriously is a embarassment... she really is!

Krystal said...

HEY! That old white woman kept up pretty well.

Isn't it terrible when your vote isn't based on who will serve their constituancy the best, but instead on who is the lesser of the two evils?