Monday, May 25, 2009

The SugarPlum's 2009 Piano Recital

This year, SugarPlum has been learning piano via the Suzuki Method, whose principles are not very different from those of the Montessori school she attends: an immersion in playing the instrument naturally at a pace set by the student. My daughter has blossomed with this method with more emphasis on playing melodies rather than with learning to play by reading notes.

My little virtuoso was given her recital piece over eight weeks ago and she mastered it in alittle over three weeks, for the past month she's been playing it while concentrating on various nuances (speed, volume, etc.). Yesterday was the piano recital for all the kids who take piano class at her school. I decided to conduct a "dress" rehearsal prior to leaving for the show.

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plez sez: SugarPlum does not have stage fright and actually thrives in front of a live audience. she played her piece even better at the actual recital!

she's going to be checking plezWorld on a daily basis for updates, so please leave comments!

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Style Sanctum said...


Johne' said...

Excellent! You played with style and poise!

Kim said...

Brilliant and Beautiful!

plez... said...

this is the sugar plum.. hi kim and johne' and nicole.

thank you for waching my vidoe. for more info, me and my dad will play rock band and cook dinner.

Kim said...

Keep up the good work..and I love that curtsey and the end, very classy!

Jusus said...

Man that was great, as a musician myself I have to tell you that reading is fundamental if your ever gonna get better she must learn how to read music along with a health dose of music theory. I don't suggest that you start now, because there is nothing on this planet as boring as music theory, and it usually turns most kids off, but a good teacher will learn how to trick you kid into learning it, She also has good hand positions, which will turn into great technique later. Start playing piano music around the house, like classics and don't forget jazz piano, I'm not saying stay away from the music of today, she'll get enough of that and it serves as good rhythm study, Just have her listen to things she could reasonable play. There is nothing that warms my heart more than to see a kid beginning to learn to wonders of music with each piece she learns she is building a world of confidence.


Fergie said...

How did I miss this? Sorry I'm so late with my comment. Congrats on doing a great job at your recital, and thanks for sharing this video with us.

plez... said...

dear jusus ad fergie and kim and johne' and nicole,
thank you for stopping bye .


rikyrah said...

On point and superb. It sounds sugary, but she's being raised right.