Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Message from Barack Obama

Barack Obama sent me the following message when I signed up at his Presidential Exploratory Committee site.

Dear Plez,

Thank you for signing up to our email list.

Running for President may be a step that I take, but it is a journey I cannot hope to complete without the energy and talents of people like you. A glance across history and my own past as a community organizer on the streets of Chicago has taught me that sweeping change never comes from one person or program, but always from the will and passion of countless voices, working and fighting and marching towards that better place.

This is your chance to lead that change, and I encourage you to participate and ask others to join our effort.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to continuing our conversation in the weeks and months to come.


plez sez: I hope runs. I hope he wins. Lord knows, America need him!


Anonymous said...

There is a classic showdown brewing between Obama and Clinton. If you think about it black men and white women have always been battling for footing in this country. For the people in power (white men) there's always been the question of "should we give it to the black man because he's a man, or the white woman because she's white." Most notably it happened with affirmative action where white women came out the winners, not that there is a winner in such "battles" (for lack of a better word). I think it's a toss up right now, but my gut tells me that people are longing for a new Clinton era and a vote for Hilary puts Bill back in the White House, even if it is as the first gentleman. If I had to pick a winner as of today I'd say that Hil will get the Democratic nomination.

plez... said...


I agree that this is going to be a Battle Royale... hopefully, it will be a battle of ideas and not mudslinging. To be honest, I'm longing for a new Clinton era, but I'm not sure that Hillary is the right Clinton for the job! Barack Obama may be the "new" Clinton that this country needs, with fresh ideas, new perspectives, and a lack of negatives & baggage that Hillary Clinton possesses.

I could stomach a Clinton-Obama Ticket, but I don't know if AMERICA is ready for that one!