Sunday, January 14, 2007

White House: Cannot Rule Out Attack of Iran

Well, you probably didn't hear it here first, but I cannot believe this news is coming out so soon after George Bush's ill-received war escalation speech. But CNN reports that on today's "Meet the Press", National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley said the White House is not planning military action against Iran, but refused to rule out the possibility.

plez sez: This kind of news just makes me ill. As if we haven't done enough damage to Iraq, we now have to turn our sights to another country with whom we probably do not want to tangle. What is going to stop Syria from joining in to help Iran? What is going to stop the insurgents who we cannot control in Iraq from deciding to assist Iran in defending itself from the marauding Yankees? And of course, we'll have another faction in Lebanon to decide to start lobbing bombs back into Israel.

Note to the White House: We are not going to divert attention away from the Mess in Iraq by attacking its next door neighbor!

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we're going to have a military presence in the Middle East for a LONG TIME to come, so we should be looking for ways to make the situation more tenable for our troops, rather than antagonizing our occupied country's neighbors. We may as well go for the gusto: send another 150,000 troops to Baghdad, secure the city, fix the place up, and come up with a plan for how we're going to occupy that joint (comfortably) for another 50-60 years!


Anonymous said...

As stupid as our president is I'd be shocked if he went into Iran. I think he'll bide his time until his term is up and let the Democrats figure out what to do about Iran. Then again Bush is already going down in history as one of the worst presidents EVER, so what's to stop him from sending a few thousand more kids to their deaths.

plez... said...

To answer your last question: NOTHING! 25,000 troops have either been injured, maimed, or killed in Iraq and this death toll is not even close to being high enough to make the Bush Administration consider pulling back. And if there is any way that they can escalate this war and find a REAL ENEMY to shoot at, the White House will take it! And by the looks of things over the past week, he's looking seriously at making Iran his next Boogie Man!

The only way for George W. Bush to look good at this point is to make the Democrats look bad. He's going to keep escalating until the Democrats have no alternative but to pull the funding for this war. Then he can always say that we were "this close" to winning the war before the Democrats forced us to "cut and run".