Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Truth About Black Men

A Public Service Announcement by the cast of "What Black Men Think"


plez sez: The video speaks for itself... very eye-opening and interesting perspective that addresses a number of myths about Black men.

[hat tip: Black Male Appreciation]


meera bowman-johnson said...

Happy New Year, Plez!

Thanks for posting this. I'm so out of the this a film that's coming out or a play that's about to tour?

Either way, it's so thought provoking. I instantly remembered the day last fall when I was driving by the road that leads to a correctional facility (we live in upstate NY) and saw car after car of white people entering and exiting. I could only wonder if they were visiting friends/family in there. And I knew there was a problem that I was surprised that there were so many white folks in jail. Those statistics are so prevalent, we start to beleive them even when we know better.

Great post!

A Girl Again said...

if the record is going to be set straight, black men will have to be the ones to do it.

we believe in you.

plez... said...

Mrs. J, thanks for stopping by... I found the link for this video on the Black Male Appreciation blog; it looks like it'll be a movie, but I'm not sure.

Being Mama Daily, I totally agree, we are the only ones who are responsible for telling OUR story!

Anonymous said...

Well, well. I hope THAT gets around. I have a posting on my blog about stuff people repeat without every researching. I might have to add some of that.


Anonymous said...

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