Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Miami Dolphins Looking at Chan Gailey?!?

The Georgia Tech Sports Blog reports that Tech Head Coach Chan Gailey (and ousted Falcons Head Coach Jim Mora) have been shuttling back-and-forth to Miami to interview for the top job with the Dolphins. Gailey also interviewed for the Pittsburgh Steelers' opening, but it is doubtful that he is in the running for that one any longer.

plez sez: What the...?!? Who in their right mind is going to pay a head coach millions of dollars when he hasn't proven himself to be a bona fide winner? Chan Gailey appears to be a nice enough fellow, but NICE doesn't win championships. Let's take a stroll down the 2006 Yellow Jacket Walk of Fame:

  • Back in 2002, he tapped a first semester freshman - Reggie Ball - to lead the team against the heavily favored Auburn Tigers in his first game and Tech surprisingly won. Two years later, Reggie Ball pulls off a similar feat at Jordan-Hare Stadium!

  • He's had five winning seasons and five bowl appearances, but has never beaten Georgia (not even this season when UGA was playing a freshman QB and Tech was using a slumping 4th year starter - Reggie Ball).

  • Our running back (Tashard Choice) has his way with Notre Dame in the first half and then the run gets abandoned in the second half of a close loss.

  • Obviously in a slump or a funk, Chan sticks with Reggie Ball in the ACC Championship game, which was a losing effort in a field goal-fest.

  • The tight ends (Michael Matthews and George Cooper) have maybe 2 or 3 catches all year and no touchdowns... for the entire season! On a radio call-in show, I heard Chan Gailey say that passes to the tight end are not part of his offense.

  • Tech had the best wide receiver in all of football (in Calvin Johnson), yet the team could go several quarters in some games without getting him the ball.

  • He stuck with Reggie Ball for four years, then jettisoned him for the final game of his college career for "academic performance", even though he's the same Reggie Ball who led the team to its best record (9-2) under Gailey and an opportunity to play for the ACC Championship.

  • Finally, in the Gator Bowl, Tech fields Taylor Bennett, who lights up West Virginia for over 300 yards passing in a losing effort. Why wasn't Bennett used when it was obvious that Reggie Ball wasn't up to snuff against Georgia and Wake Forest? In both games, a half-time adjustment of quarterbacks would've yielded a win for Tech.
Chan Gailey never was a good match for Georgia Tech and it would be almost too convenient if the Miami Dolphins offered him a job. Even though, it would be late in the coaching carousel for Tech to find a quality replacement, with Chan at the helm, it's doubtful that we'd find ourselves back in the hunt for an ACC Championship next year anyway.


vcthree said...

As I recall, when Gailey was coach of the Cowboys, he won no playoff games--in fact, his teams lost to the Minnesota Vikings and the Arizona Cardinals in two wild card appearances. So...it's probably a better thing that the Dolphins hired former Indiana coach Cam Cameron instead.

plez... said...

It was announced this weekend that Chan Gailey was going to stay at Georgia Tech, but the offensive coordinator (Pat Nix) who called all of the plays this past season accepted a similar job at the University of Miami. So Chan was not selected to coach Pittsburgh nor Miami... it looks like it's going to be a L-O-N-G season at Georgia Tech with a new quarterback who has had 2 starts in 3 years, a new OC, and a head coach who apparently would like to be coaching elsewhere!