Thursday, December 07, 2006

Run, Obama, Run!

On CNN's "The Situation Room" on December 6, Senator Barack Obama (D-IL), was also asked about a run for the White House in 2008 by anchor Wolf Blitzer:

Blitzer: "You want to be president or you want to be vice president?"
Obama: "Well, you don't run for vice president."
Blitzer: "So what does that mean? You want to run for president?"
Obama: "I answered the question, Wolf. I've got to go vote."

plez sez: I like Barack Obama as a presidential candidate in 2008 because I feel that he is a fresh alternative to the stale re-treads currently in the Democratic stable (Kerry, Gore, Edwards, etc.). Unfortunately, I also get a "Flavor of the Month" feeling about him and wonder how much luster will be left on his now-twinkling star after 2 years of media scrutiny. The media is going to all over him like white-on-rice until the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire Primary in 2008! You have to remember how Gov. Howard Dean was basically a shoo-in before his early primary losses in 2004.

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Christopher King said...

Hey speaking of New Hampshire, Barack and I shared the front page of the NH Nashua Telegraph on Sunday, as noted in this post, which also contains a reference to an NAACP president-convict (assault with a deadly weapon).

Thing is, my story about the First Amendment speech restrictions at the school board ran above the fold, and his below :)

I like him, too, and would certainly work for him if possible, as I worked for Jesse and Dick Gephardt on prior occasion:

Let's see how things develop.