Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Family Day at the Georgia Legislature

State Representative Steve Davis (District 109) wrote in his blog last week about "Family Day" at the Georgia State Capitol:
"Today is the 17th legislative day of the session. It is called Family Day so that legislators can bring their wives and kids up for the day and show our family atmosphere.

However I do not bring my family due to the spectacle presented by the fringe groups in front of our children. You have Labor Unions, “Working Families” wanting minimum wage increases, marches for racial equality, and the worst is GSLBT groups that try to prove they are families too (by exposing our young children to them kissing and holding hands). I will just say that I am very passionate about the issues but I did not get into politics to expose my children to adult issues. It is a shame that these groups try to exploit this event the way they do."

plez sez: Who in their right mind would want to bring their slack-jawed kin up to the "big city" to watch fringe groups that their daddies and uncles would've kicked the dog shit out of back in the day? The working poor, equal rights demonstrators, and gay people holding hands: the right wing deals hate in spades.

I would bet that Rep. Davis favored the old Georgia state flag with the bars and stars of the Confederacy!

Hat Tip: Blog for Democracy

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