Sunday, February 25, 2007

On the Road, Again!

I haven't been in the blogosphere for a couple of weeks. You see, I don't get paid to do this, so I've been hard at work on what I normally get paid to do. I've been particularly busy of late due to the 25th anniversary celebration of my college fraternity's chapter at Georgia Tech and an unusual project where I have been traveling around the country. In the last 3 weeks, I've been in the following states: Georgia, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Kentucky, and Ohio. This week will find me in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin!

My only complaint is trying to find 3 ounce containers of toiletries to cram into that one quart-size baggie that I'm allowed to bring on the plane with me!

1 comment:

Dave said...

Well I for one am appreciative that you did start blogging. This is an unprecedented way for all of us to expand communication and share. Keep up the good work plez.