Wednesday, March 21, 2007

In Rotation - Humpday Smooth (Part IV)

It's been a long time since I mellowed out at work to some music on my iPod. It is the middle of the week, I'm waste deep in Excel spreadsheets, and my eyes are bloodshot from too many Sam Adams at last night's networking event, so I throw on the headphones and let my iPod take me to another place for an hour before my next meeting. It's Wednesday afternoon, so I must be listening to my "Jazzy Stuff" Playlist to hear songs that are smooth and mellow, but won't put me to sleep.

Here's the music flowing out of my iPod into my earhole:
Under Your Spell by Phyllis Hyman (4:35)
Kiss of Life by Sade (4:10)
Running Away by Roy Ayers (6:55)
Love Ballad by George Benson (4:16)
Betcha By Golly, Wow by Phyllis Hyman (6:15)
I Just Had to Hear Your Voice by Oleta Adams (3:38)
Love All the Hurt Away by George Benson & Aretha Franklin (4:10)
Never As Good As The First Time by Sade (3:58)
Living in Confusion by Phyllis Hyman (7:03)
Lover's Holiday Oleta Adams (4:10)
Window of Hope by Oleta Adams (4:23)
Can't We Fall In Love Again by Phyllis Hyman (5:16)
The Day I Stop Loving You by Oleta Adams (5:04)
Is It A Crime by Sade (???)


Anali said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice tunes on your playlist. I'm a big Sade fan too. I wonder what she is up to now...

plez... said...

Thanks for bopping around my blog... I love listening to music, but I occassionally get so busy that I don't take the time to listen.

I love Sade as well... I may be incorrect, but isn't she holed up in Jamaica because she's wanted in the US for some legal issue? Maybe someone else will know.

field negro said...

definitely feeling your play list my brother Ms. Hyman was the truth..."take me to the moon.." let me stop. But you should have had "bet you by golly wow" by the original singers, my homies, The Stylistics in that bad boy.

Half right about Sade, she was in Jamaica for a minute-hooked up with a, ahem ahem friend down there. But she got into some legal problems, and now she is back in Europe.

plez... said...


thanks for the Sade update... like anali, i had been wondering where she's been hiding for the last decade!

Phyllis Hyman is in my "Jazzy Stuff" playlist and the Stylistics would be in my "Soulful Groups" playlist... so that's why her cover of their song came up (surprisingly, i'm not too crazy about prince's cover of the song, though).

Anali said...

Field & Plez - Thanks for the Sade update! Sorry to hear of her legal issues. I've heard that she is really amazing to see live. I guess that won't be happening any time soon...