Saturday, March 17, 2007

Putting the N-word in Perspective

In an undated performance on HBO's Def Poetry, Julian Curry puts the N-word in perspective.

Caution: The N-word is used often... and with emphasis!

plez sez: This is a powerful and in-your-face treatise on why no one should ever use the N-word again.


Keith said...

I couldn't agree more.

Dave said...

That was SICK! I have not felt such a powerful oration since the last time I listened to Saul Williams. This is the first I have heard of Julian Curry, but he is going on my list, I'm going to be keeping a look-out for more from Mr. Curry. This guy is a word smith !


btw - I am so glad you posted over at Mother's blog, it has allowed me to find you.

vcthree said...

Best poem I've ever heard.


plez... said...

Keith, Dave, and VC3,

Glad you guys dropped by and enjoyed that Def Poem! I've been playing it everyday since I posted it, just to reinforce WHY I shouldn't be using that word!

Anali said...

That was some serious stuff. More people need to hear what he had to say. Oh and thanks for the link!

plez... said...


Thanks for stopping by... and you need to stop using the n-word! *smile*