Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mitt Romney & Democrat-Bashing Sign

As most right-wing Republicans do at this stage of the nomination process, they spend an inordinate amount of time in South Carolina. reports that this grammatically-challenged sign maker was none-too-proud to display her dislike for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. In case you have problems understanding this illiterate person's chicken scratch, it reads, "No to Obama, Osama, and Chelsea's Moma."

plez sez: it wasn't enough for MITT ROMNEY to pose with the slack jawed rebel sign maker, but then he had to hold it up for everyone to see. Lumping BARACK OBAMA and HILLARY CLINTON in with OSAMA BIN LADEN is a bit much... even for a flip-flopping conservative like Romney.

then again, south carolina does have the lowest high school graduation rate (at 49.2%) in the united states!


endangered coffee said...

I still can't believe my state, the supposed most liberal in the land, elected Mitt Romney governor. Course, if you listen to him on the campaign trail, you might never learn that.

plez... said...

mitt romney is a chameleon, he will change colors to whatever suits his political aspirations. i tend to doubt that he even knows what he is.