Friday, June 12, 2009

Comfort Wipe - Seriously!

This is not a joke... Comfort Wipe is for real!

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plez sez: NOW... i've seen everything! the first major innovation in wiping your ass since the 1880's. hmmmm... what was that major innovation? perforated sheets? two ply?

"take it from me, being a big guy has its advantages... and it's disadvantages!" HA HA HA!

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this ad has drawn me back to my blog!

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endangered coffee said...

yeah, seems funny, but when I screwed up my shoulder the other week and had little range of motion, I really coulda used something like that.

A said...

Tha hell????

KIM said...

Is this a serious ad? That is just weird. What happens when the tissue misses? You now have to wash the stick!! Also if someone has to help you it kinda doesn't matter if they are using this stick or just their hand with tissue.... Not a good look either way! LOL! Really Funny!

Anali said...

I saw that ad last week!! I couldn't believe it!!

Anonymous said...

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Daryl Test said...

When you get too fat to wipe your own ass, I think you have more to worry about than buying a comfort grip.