Monday, June 01, 2009

The SugarPlum's 2009 Ballet Recital

For the past three years, month of May has been Recital Month in plezWorld as the SugarPlum spends successive weeks performing in either piano (last weekend) or ballet (this past weekend). This is the 7-year old's fourth year in ballet with the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education (Atlanta Ballet Company) and this is her first year in "B" level dance.

As you will see in the following clip, she has really made great strides in the mastery of her performance. This year's performances represent a leap in maturity, focus, and technical ability on both the piano and the dance floor.

This year's ballet performance was held at the Georgia Tech Ferst Center for Arts in Atlanta. Unfortunately, there was significant degradation of the video as it was moved from camera to memory card to YouTube.

The SugarPlum's Ballet Recital

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plez sez: the SugarPlum never ceases to amaze with her stage presence... after her standout performance she was given a big bouquet of roses and was treated to her favorite dessert at the cheesecake factory in buckhead.

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Kim said...

Wow that was really beautiful..!

Truthiz said...

WoW_I loved it! {APPLAUDING}

Thanks for sharing.

rikyrah said...

That was too sweet for words