Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Night, My SugarPlum!

I just came down to my office to check e-mail before watching some Monday Night Football. As is our custom, every night when we tuck my daughter (The SugarPlum) into bed, my wife and/or I sing that enduring classic from the Lawrence Welk Show: "Bubbles in the Wine."

After a few kisses, SugarPlum is off to dreamland for the remainder of the night.
The SugarPlum Version
Good night, sleep tight,
And pleasant dreams to you,
Here's a wish [kiss] and a kiss [kiss]
That every dream comes true.
And now 'til we meet again...
Adios, au revior, auf weidersehen... Good Night, SugarPlum![kiss]

It's funny that both my wife and I remember this song from our childhood, watching The Lawrence Welk Show on Sunday nights before 60 Minutes with my family.

Truly, a "kinder and gentler" time.


dc_speaks said... sure pulled a memory from my younger years.

thanks a bunch for letting me have that song stuck in my head...with the bubbles..LOL!!

peace, bro!

CapCity said...

Hey Plez! I came over to offer condolences for having to "wave the BC Banner" for a week. And here I found a sports-less gem;-).

That's so sweet! Hmmmm, now I want to hear the song. i recall HATING L. great aunt used to watch it "religiously" - it was like torture, maybe that's why i blanked it out....going to Utube it now. LOL!