Thursday, September 27, 2007

plezWorld on Michael Vick - Last Word

Thanks for the memories, Mike!

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse... it does!

As a condition of his plea agreement, Michael Vick is subject to a series of drug tests until his sentencing on December 10th. He apparently pee'd in a cup on September 13th and that sample resulted in a positive test for marijuana.

The AJC reports,
Falcons quarterback Michael Vick tested positive for marijuana, has been confined to his Virginia residence at night, forced to wear an electronic monitoring device and ordered to receive mental health counseling, according to court documents filed Wednesday.

Vick tested positive in a urine sample submitted on Sept. 13, 17 days after entering a plea agreement in federal court on felony charges related to dogfighting. He faces up to five years in prison on those charges and will be sentenced on Dec. 10.
court documents filed Wednesday, Hudson ordered that Vick submit to any method of testing "for determining whether the defendant is using a prohibited substance." Such methods may be used with random frequency and include urine testing and the wearing of a sweat patch.

According to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, marijuana "can be detected by standard urine testing methods several days after a smoking session. However, in chronic heavy users, traces can sometimes be detected for weeks after they have stopped using marijuana."
As an Atlanta Falcon, Vick's transgressions included:
  • Giving the hometown fans "the bird" while being hurled a number of insults after an ugly loss during the season.
  • Being detained at the Miami Airport when a "water bottle" that he was carrying was found to have a secret compartment that contained a funny (i.e. marijuana) smell; he claimed he used it to carry his jewelry... RIGHT!
  • In July 2006, a picture of Vick with his girlfriend with a box of matches on his lap and a blunt in his hand surfaces... of course, he profusely denied that he loved Mary Jane ("do ya! do ya! do ya! do ya really love me, Mary Jane?" - Rick James) ...the story failed to grow any legs.
  • Missing a Congressional breakfast in his honor because he missed a flight out of Atlanta.
  • The drug raid at his home in Virginia due to illegal drug activity of one of his cousins; the property had evidence of illegal dog fights and abused animals, which led to the investigation and the eventual indictments for which he has plead guilty.
  • And who can forget the whole Ron Mexico incident?

  • Since the indictment, the Vick Story continues to blossom:
  • Gets banned from training camp by the NFL Commissioner after the indictment is filed.
  • Gets suspended indefinitely by the NFL Commissioner after his cohorts roll on him and take a plea agreement.
  • He cops a plea on August 27th, pleading guilty to basically bank rolling the dogfighting enterprise and contributing to the slaughter of uncompetitive dogs; the result of the agreement means that he'll do some jail time.
  • After he signs the plea agreement, the Falcons move to recoup a portion of his signing bonus, maybe as much as $20 million.
  • Surry County, Virginia DA says they plan to file an indictment of their own for Vick's dogfighting operation which was run in that county.
  • A Canadian Bank sues Vick for a defaulted $2.5 million loan because of changes in his employment... basically, he's unemployed!
  • And now, word comes out that on September 13th, just a few weeks after he signs the plea agreement, Vick flunks a drug test... testing positive for marijuana. OUCH!


    He just had to hit that blunt, just one more time, didn't he?

    When I was in college, I drank to excess and occassionally imbibed on the bong and the blunt. *smile*

    But guess what? The company that I work for and most of our clients test us for illegal drugs, as a condition of employment. Because I want to stay employed by my company and our clients, I do not do drugs. It's that simple!

    As I wrote back in pre-indictment May, "I've given Mike Vick a pass ever since he's been in Atlanta; he is undoubtedly the most thrilling and exciting player in the NFL (in my opinion). With that said, I'm highly disappointed in his behavior and his lack of leadership."

    Personally, I'm tired of the apologies, the fake contrition, and the bold faced lies. I've invested enough emotion, caring, and pixels on this dude. He has continued to embarrass and piss on every fan who has been supporting him through this ordeal. He's even dragged down the NAACP with his "Bad Newz"!

    When he spoke of wanting and needing to change so that he can do what he loves to do (play football), I thought that he had turned the corner... I thought that he finally acknowledged that he could no longer play lip service to change, but that he would have to employ some actionable tactics to make it happen.

    Well, he didn't!

    Of course, he invoked the name of Jesus during his post-indictment press conference; so now Michael Vick is not only a liar, but he's also a f*ckin' blasphemer!

    So now, I don't care. He has just added more fuel to the fire for every racist, redneck, and sports talk pundit about his THUG persona, lack of intelligence, and lack of productivity on the football field for the last two seasons. As far as I'm concerned, you can feed Mike Vick to the dogs!

    plezWorld is DONE! My homeboy (yeah, I went to high school in the Hampton Roads area) has received his last post on this blog. He's ruined his life and in the process, he's also f*cked up the Dirty Birds (who are now sporting a dismal 0-3 record, with ZERO wins in sight), and ruined my football season (because Georgia Tech is also playing like crap and I have no one to cheer for this fall) to boot! At this point, Vick gets everything that he deserves... and then some.

    This is the LAST WORD on Michael Vick on plezWorld!


    David Sullivan said...

    The worst sin is wasted talent.

    Vick is a Thug, no if's and's or but's. It would be nice if these indiscretions were coincidental but in the immortal words of John Belushi:

    "Sometimes a banana is just a banana, Anna" - John Belushi as Sigmund Frued to Laraine Newman as Anna Freud, Saturday Night Live 1975.

    The Stepfather of Soul said...

    Thank you for calling out the NAACP on this one. When I heard it was getting involved, I was thinking, "OK, so the NAACP used to fight to integrate the schools ... but now their relevance is diminished such that they are supporting Michael Vick?"

    AMEN to washing our hands of Michael Vick.

    Anonymous said...

    I agree with every word of this. Mike Vick's an asshole.

    Just couldn't help coonin' in front of these white folks, making their perception of our young black men even worse.

    He can suck it.