Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Hate That Hate Produced (1959)

This documentary from 1959 features a pre-60 Minutes Mike Wallace in a 1 hour propaganda piece on "dangers" of the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) and Black Nationalists. An interesting note is that a Black reporter, Louis Lomax, conducted a number of the interviews. The video quality is poor, but the audio is excellent... and for some reason, the video repeats after the first hour.

Although, the rhetoric of the Nation of Islam (Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X) is imflammatory, you should also note that their message is one of self-empowerment and self-determination of Black people. Framed against that backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement and the fervent segregationist movement in the South of the late 1950's, it is remarkable that there was a group of people who exhibited Black Pride before it was fashionable to do so. They are no more interested in integration than the race-mongering politicians of the Jim Crow South.

It is pretty amazing that today, no one would ever spend this much time examining the thoughts and philosophies of Black people in this country. If it is not uttered by some profiteering reverend, mainstream America will not hear it. We are also dumbed-down and engrossed in 20-second sound bites, we are unable (and unwilling) to learn about people who may think differently than us.

On the heels of the Jena 6 Controversy that led to a large demonstration in Jena, LA last week, think of how differently our Black communities would have evolved over the past 40 years if the separatist movement of the Nation of Islam had been embraced rather than the non-violence movement of Dr. King. Think of how different the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would have looked had Blacks demanded and won equal accomodation and self-determination, rather than integration. Just a thought.

As a teenager, plezWorld read the Autobiography of Malcolm X; this book changed the way that I looked at myself, other Black people, my religion, and questioned the relative equality that was extended to Black people by The Establishment. I even went out and obtained a copy of the Koran... unfortunately, reading the Koran was no more inspiring than reading the Holy Bible.

Remember, this documentary was produced in 1959! I must say that Mike Wallace did an admirable job of scaring the be-jesus out of white people and a fair number of Black people, as well. plezWorld was born near New York City in the early-1960's and my parents exposed me to a lot of things, but the Black Muslims were not one of them!

Hat Tip: Black Educator


CapCity said...

this is funny - such revolutionary-ism after yesterday's lawrence welk "tribute" LOL! plez, u're a treat! I'll be back to read in-depth. i've got wk to get done;-).

David Sullivan said...

I oppose any group that espouses hate.
Oh, wait....I apologize....I am a hypocrite because.... I HATE THE F*!@ing YANKEES!!!!!!!!!

Lola Gets said...

Another "wuirk" about the Quran is the fact that it isnt organized chronologically - the chapters range in size from longest to shortest! You be all confused nshyt trying to read it, lol. Ive never been big on reading either tome.


Lola Gets said...

that should have read "quirk", sorry, lol.