Friday, February 24, 2006

plezLOVESmuzik - Can U Funkadelic?

Soooo high, you can't get over It.
Soooo low, you can't get under It.
Soooo wide, you can't get around It.

Something that is definitely on The One! The FUNK gets in your bones, makes you wanna shake. The FUNK rattles yours ears and wiggles in your brain.

I found some old (and classic) video that recalls my youth. I used to frequent the Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia as a teenager to watch groups like The Jacksons, Earth Wind & Fire, The Bar-Kays, The Isley Brothers, The Floaters, Rick James (when Prince was the opening act), Bootsy Collins, and many others. I was mesmerized and taken to another place in the late 1970's. My favorite act (by far) was the conglamoration of Parliament and its grittier incantation - Funkadelic. For a few hours, you were taken to another galaxy... another time ... another feeling ... a far different groove. Was it the buzz from the cloud of cannibus smoke that floated dense and heavy over the Coliseum floor? Was it the flashing lights, blaring horn section, rhythmic drums, and screaming guitars? Was it Star Child flying above the audience with his Bop Gun?

It was the FUNK!

Check this out...
Parliament Funkadelic.
The 1978 Flashlight P-Funk Tour.
Michael Hampton plays "Maggot Brain".

On The One.


SeltzerWater464 said...

You is Car-raaaaaaazee!!!!

plez... said...

Mos' def! And I can't help myself.