Saturday, June 16, 2007

An Old School G on "Cheaters"

WARNING: Kids, don't try this at home. Bo is a PAID PROFESSIONAL.

This short vignette is from the wildly popular show known as "Cheaters" (one of the CW Network's finer efforts no doubt).

plez sez: i'm not a player! and i'm certainly not a pimp! but Bo (the antagonist) gives an Oscar-worthy performance while paying keen awareness to the finer nuances of the art of being a player and a pimp.

and if you didn't learn anything from the video, you need to watch it again:
  • although, Babydoll (the protagonist) was verbally abused, Bo never layed a hand on her... back in the day, he would've been called a "Playa from the Himalayas"!
  • when Old Girl #2 (the extra) tried to slither away, Bo ever so gently pulled her back into his warm embrace; she did eventually escape, but only after Bo realized that he didn't want to subject her to undo scrutiny and embarrassment (he's still a gentleman).
  • in the midst of all this madness (getting ambushed by a camera crew, getting his keys snatched, and getting confronted by one of his "made ladies"), he still had the clarity of mind to remember that he needed to pay for his meal ("I'm gonna tell his woman to pack my goddamn food up and pay her... you know how important my food is to me").
  • he stayed in character throughout the entire ordeal ("I'm an Old School G... from South Park, [expletive deleted]!").
  • how about that Super Soaker Pimp Slap! (and he still didn't lay a hand on her).
  • and you'll notice that Babydoll did hang around until he drove off (even though she was soaked by her 40 oz. Slurpee bath)... i'll give you 2-to-1 odds that once the release papers were signed and the cameras were turned off, she was laid up with the Bo later that night.

  • and you gotta love his proclamation at the end: "I been an Old School G all my goddamn life and gonna be one till the day I die!"
it's a given that the entire episode was kinda sad, because you could see that deep down, Bo really loves Babydoll and he was really hurt by her actions... but i have to admit that i got a good laugh out of it.

Disclaimer: I object to the mistreatment of women, except in those rare cases when they really ask for it... and babydoll wallowed all in it!


CapCity said...

I really DON'T see ANY humor in this...was your laughter that nervous, just before a fight unexplicable laughter?

i'm confused now, plez - your earlier posts condemn a mother supporting her daughter giving blow jobs - but this post applauds OGs??? what am i missing? don't girls who give blow jobs at 15 grow up to deal w/ men like this - b'cuz they have no sense of self, home training or support?
And where do u see LOVE in this? I see confusion & sadness....but then relationships are a source of confusion for me and i rarely understand how men who "cheat" love anyone...

Jay said...

The dude did have a point. I mean, she doesn't have to work, he bought her house, pays her bills. Where's the gratitude?

OK, I'm kidding. He didn't have a point. That was pretty sad. It's especially sad considering that you're probably right about them probably still being together.

My favorite part was where she said "this is embarrassing". Not so embarrassing that she didn't sign the release and take their money and let them show it.

plez... said...

don't fret. i still condemn the mother who supports her MINOR daughter having unsafe sex, yet i can also find the humor in a fat ass OG getting busted on "Cheaters." i may be an insensitive rube about ADULTS acting a fool, but i draw the line when it concerns the exploitation of children.

i can't control what the 15-year-old blowjob expert does when she grows up, but i am mad as HELL if she's being exploited as a child.

in my post, i stated that the entire episode was a sad affair, but at least i was honest enough to let you know that i found humor in their tragedy. i don't know anyone like the "characters" in this episode of "Cheaters," i took a prurient interest in viewing a slice of Americana of which i am unaccustomed.

with humor being the subjective thing that it is, i can see where one would find no humor at all with the antics of Bo and "Babydoll!" we viewed this vignette from totally different lenses/perspectives, so on this one, let's just agree to disagree.

plez... said...

i think all parties involved (including Bo) had to sign a release form before they could air the footage (or the show would've had to blur his face, as well). and i'm sure Babydoll had to go through a series of pre-production interviews to make sure her story was credible and compelling enough to pursue.

i doubt she was paid much for a 30 minute "ambush," but it was probably more than she would've gotten if she had just sat at home that evening pining away for Bo!

CapCity said...

hmmm, yea, plez - i can agree to disagree on this one. i guess it's hard for me to completely detach myself in a sense because - although i've never lived the lives of these particular individuals, as a single woman i'm still meeting men w/ Bo's mentality even if they've mastered the "Kang's English", have "finer" things, college degrees, professional careers...playahs are playahs...SIGH....

Actually, the wolf in sheep's clothing that i meet are worse - it seems Bo was obviously a playah - as he said, she knew him from South Park (which i thought was just a fictional place of a cartoon until this clip:-)...

To quote my elders: "young fools grow into old fools", why get upset by "children" who will grow into infantile "adults"? Bo & BabyDoll are both someone's son & daughter, too...

oh well...thanx for listening as i try to understand this multi-faceted world i find myself in...and I DO appreciate your honesty, plez:-)

Shai said...

I have to agree with Cap. It is sick and sad how he really believes he is doing right. smh. sighing

dc_speaks said...

damn...this dude was off da chain. I can't believe he was actin like that with those cameras rollin.

im shocked and completely stunned.

Lo said...

Sadly, I've seen people like this get down like this more than a few times. I have an uncle (ironically, my favorite uncle) who was an OG until he finally "grew up" and simultaneously met a woman who would in no way tolerate this kind of tomfoolery. This video is indicative of what happens when you don't know your worth. OG's only thrive because the woman (women) didn't know she had any value.

Great post, sir. I laughed all the way through it. Um, but it was tragic laughter, though. Yes, that's it, tragic laughter. I was filled with tragic laughter. ;-)

CapCity: The "Kang's English" is one of the funniest phrases I've ever heard. I'm going to start saying that one immediately (I'll be sure to say where I first heard it).

Mizrepresent said...

Yes, i laughed, i laughed and i was hurt by it all...bc this kind of shit does exist...i guess old dude reminded me too much of some older men in my family...i felt sad for the women for bringing this to the forefront on Natl tv, only to be embarrassed by it all, bc this Nig, stuck to his OG, Play principles to the yes, she knew who he was when she layed up with can't change a playa, and as Cap said in the "kangs language" , NEVA! Great post!

plez... said...

shai, lo, and mizz represent... thanks for dropping by plezWorld. your input is welcome and appreciated.

i'm with you on this one... this dude cut THE FOOL with the lights on and the camera rolling!

it was too much for me to resist!

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