Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Michael Vick - Just Do It!

By now you've heard that Michael Vick was called to the Principal's office (i.e. he had a visit with the NFL Commissioner) during the weekend of the NFL Draft. His behavior over the past couple of years is of concern and the most recent events may place his ability to play in the NFL at peril. Although, not arrested nor convicted of any crimes, Mike Vick has been walking a tightrope of trouble for quite some time now. And in light of his "less than stellar" performance on the gridiron (the team has crashed and burned in each of the last two seasons with losing records in both), many of the Falcon faithful are beginning to question his worth to the franchise.

His most recent transgressions include:
  • Giving the hometown fans "the bird" while being hurled a number of insults after an ugly loss during the season
  • Being detained at the Miami Airport when a "water bottle" that he was carrying was found to have a secret compartment that contained a funny (i.e. marijuana) smell; he claimed he used it to carry his jewelry... RIGHT!
  • Missing a Congressional breakfast in his honor because he missed a flight out of Atlanta
  • His home in Virginia was recently raided because of illegal drug activity of one of his cousins; the property had evidence of illegal dog fights and abused animals
  • And who can forget the whole Ron Mexico incident?

  • Well, Mike Vick has gone on the record (again!) to apologize and said that he is committed to changing his ways, "even it means changing the people he deals with" or "playing golf or fishing everyday"!

    plez sez: I've given Mike Vick a pass ever since he's been in Atlanta; he is undoubtedly the most thrilling and exciting player in the NFL (in my opinion).

    With that said, I'm highly disappointed in his behavior and his lack of leadership. He is the effin' QB for an NFL team (with a $130 million contract) and he has been sleepwalking through his responsibility to lead the team to victory. Well, the team hasn't been very victorious of late, hopefully the new head coach will change that, but the team will never prosper until Mike Vick decides that he will be an example for the rest of the Falcons to follow. I've never heard of Donovan McNabb or Steve McNair or Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or Brian Leftwich or any other NFL QB getting caught up in the "low class" shenanigans that have followed Vick!

    I'm not surprised with the PacMan Jones problems, but he's a cornerback, not the quarterback! And if bad things continue to happen around Mike Vick, I'm afraid the Falcons will be losing him for the season.

    Personally, I'm tired of the apologies and the fake contrition.

    All I have to say to Michael Vick is: "Just do it!"
    Don't talk about changing, just change!
    Don't talk about getting rid of the negative influences in your life, just jettison them!
    Don't say you're going to follow the rules, just follow them!

    And don't talk about winning, just win, baby!


    David Sullivan said...

    Thrilling and exciting doesn't win Super Bowls.

    The QB's that lead their team to Super Bowls are blunted emotionally because they are all about focus. Off the field they don't allow personal issues become a distraction (like Tom Brady knocking up a super model and an actress within a month of each other and still coming within 1 minute from the Super Bowl).

    It all starts with coaching so Petrino needs to get some nads and lay down the law.

    I think Vick is a great talent with no direction.

    plez... said...

    you guys up there in new england are the prototype of how to win championships in the nfl. two years ago, i would've thought that vick could lead the falcons to the super bowl, but now i'm not as optimistic. we'll see what this new coach will be able to do, but i'm afraid vick has become a one-trick-pony and most nfl defenses have figured that trick out!

    in my estimation, this is the last season for vick to prove his worth to our franchise by leading them to the playoffs. it's probably not fair (because of a new coach, new offensive scheme, a porous offensive line, unproven receivers, etc.), but that's life.

    mark said...

    Yo Plez excellent article, while I too am in awe Vick's god like talent I think hes got a soft spot in his melon piece.

    Because he does some stpid and trifling stuff such as giving that young lady herpes thier is no excuse for that kind of nonsense.

    I agree with Plez Vick needs to grow up and start playing ball.

    Yo Plez is Vick's struggles as a passer more related to his inability to hit open recievers or has his recievers not been able to get open?

    plez... said...

    last season, mike vick had ZERO confidence that any pass he threw to any of his receivers would be caught... i'm almost positive that that fact played a big part in his "inability" to hit his open receivers. when 3 or 4 passes are dropped in a game, then you cannot think that the next pass you throw them will be caught. i'm sure that altered his delivery in subsequent passes.

    Dave said...

    Wasn't it Vick's brother who tried to break that player's neck last year? Or am I thinking of someone else?

    I admire Vick's skills, when he is in it to win, but all I can say is I never once drafted him in Fantasy Football, not even as a third stringer, during his whole career thus far. To me, he seems like a Randy Moss. Whats the word for it? Prema-donna or something like that? Pay me huge money, and make sure I am 110% happy, or I won't even try to play well.

    plez... said...

    it was his "little brother" marcus who stepped (stomped) on another player when he was at virginia tech... he was summarily dismissed from the team.

    mike vick is not like randy moss, because he plays his HEART out in every game. but the falcons have surrounded him with questionable talent (especially, on the offensive line). he's never been accused of tanking in a game, but he's exhibited very poor judgement in his personal life. but since he is a public figure (nike commercials, airtran spokesman, highlypaid nfl player, madden football box cover, etc.), he has to be extremely mindful of his personal endeavors, as well.

    Bush Babee said...


    Dave said...

    Clearly you are a fan ^^ I will say no more negative feedback about Vick, be like if you were to speak ill of my beloved but erstwhile Lions.

    You know, maybe I have let the media influence me in this, and seriously, I only see maybe two Falcons games a year, but I have noticed some strong frustration on Vick's behalf.

    Atlanta has been coming out gunning for the first 6 weeks or so, for so many years now, and then they drop off.. they always have a top 5 rushing core, (which a lot of those yards = Vick) I don't get it Plez, I need someone who follows them every Sunday to give me the skinny.

    What you expect them to do this year?

    plez... said...

    yes, i am a fan. i've been in atlanta for over 20 years, but NEVER cheered (rooted nor pulled for) the falcons until they moved up in the draft and got vick in 2002. so i do have some emotional capital invested in the dude.

    the last two years have been extremely frustrating for him because he just doesn't have a very good supporting cast; when you get past warrick dunn (who is has taken a beating the last couple of years and is slowing down considerably) and algae crumpler (the best receiver on the team playing in the tight end position), there isn't much there on offense. vick has had to rely TOO MUCH on his legs and running ability, and because of the lack of production from the receivers (and that swiss cheese-like o-line), he is worn out by mid-season!

    personally, i think that by game 8 (of the last 2 seasons), vick is so beat up from the drive saving runs, escaping the blitzes, the numerous sacks, and the dropped passes, that he has lost his spring in his step, he's slower, his accuracy is shot, and there is NO ONE stepping up to help save the games that he saved during the first half of the season.

    our first round pick this year was an awesome defensive end (Jamaal Anderson from Arkansas) to coverup the bad decision of signing an injury-prone John Abraham last season, but this guy will NOT help much on the offensive side of the ball.

    with a new coach (Patrino from Louisville), a new offensive scheme, the same old receiving corps, an aging and slower warrick dunn, and mike vick's off-season from HELL... i can't see us making much noise down here in the NFC South. if things go as i think they will (another year not in the Playoffs), the falcons will probably deal vick as a backup to tennessee (behind young) or baltimore (behind mcnair) or oakland (behind russell) and start this experiment over in 2008!

    Dave said...

    If that were to happen, seems like Baltimore would be the best fit, I'm not knocking The Air, but he is getting up there in years, Vick would have an actual shot at starter again inside of 2 -3 years. Then again, who knows, Steve could be the next Favre, and play another 10 years.

    Nowadays in the NFL you just never know. Any given Sunday right? Teams rise and fall faster than ever.

    Yeah, when Jamaal Anderson was drafted I couldn't help but reminisce on that '98 season with a different Jamal Anderson, remember that guy? It was him and Terrell Davis neck & neck all year long.

    John Abraham as in former Jet?

    Patrino, if I recall he has had some very decent seasons in Louisville. I remember watching a bowl game between them and Marshall a few years back, was one of the best college games I've ever seen. Do you think Patrino's system will translate well into NFL atmosphere?