Tuesday, October 23, 2007

plezWorld in Action: Offensive KFC Commercial

KFC Commercial (family sans father)

KFC Commercial (family with father)

plez sez: i posted about this offensive commercial (Black family without a father at dinner) last week (Issue with KFC Commercial). despite the great comments and dialogue that the post inspired, i am feeling no better about the situation if this commercial is still being broadcast by KFC.

so i have decided to take some action. it may not change anything, but at least i did something.

i called the KFC Comment Line and logged a complaint about the commercial. the customer service rep that i spoke with was well aware of the issue (there have been a number of calls about this commercial) and she logged my complaint into their customer feedback system.
U.S. Customer Satisfaction - 1-800-225-5532
Canada Customer Satisfaction - 1-866-664-5696

next, i posted the following letter on the KFC Online Customer Comment Form and the Yum! Brands Feedback site (Yum! Brands owns KFC):
About one month ago, I viewed the "Single Mother" KFC commercial while watching television with my wife and daughter. Where was the father? Why wasn't there at least another chair at the table for their father? Why was there no mention of a father?

As an African-American, a husband, and a father, I find this commercial to be offensive because it perpetrates and glorifies a negative aspect of the African-American family.

I am offended that it is possible that because of your commercial, my young daughter will think that it is acceptable that she can be happy and have a family of 3 kids without a responsible husband.

As such, I've decided that my family will no longer patronize KFC's restaurants until this offensive and degrading commercial is removed from your rotation.

I have also called KFC Customer Satisfaction and logged a complaint about this offensive commercial.

i have no idea whether my actions will make a difference, but i feel a lot better about my decision to do so. if you have the time and the inclination to do so, i encourage you to call and/or e-mail KFC with your concerns.
For Your Information:
KFC's Corporate Address for Comments
P.O. Box 725489
Atlanta, GA 31139

KFC Online Customer Comment Form:

Customer Satisfaction:
U.S. - 1-800-225-5532
Canada - 1-866-664-5696

Blog Update - 10-24-2007:
i received the following letter in response to my complaints to KFC. as you can see, KFC continues to stand behind the commercial "and looks forward to serving [me] again soon."
October 23, 2007

Dear plezWorld:
Thank you for contacting KFC regarding our recent advertising. The opinions of our customers are very important to us. KFC is a fan of the American family and we celebrate those who make dinner time their family time. We also understand that sometimes work or other schedule issues prevent the entire family from dining together. Whether all the family members are present at dinner -- or just some of them -- KFC is proud to be a part of family time, as depicted in this commercial.

We thank you for voicing your opinion. Please be assured we value your patronage and look forward to serving you again soon.


KFC Guest Satisfaction Department
WRONG ANSWER! they may stand behind that commercial, but they will never (and i repeat, NEVER) have to worry about plezWorld, or the family of, ever darkening the threshold of one of their restaurants again! my money and my integrity means far more to me than a bucket of their greasy, salty chicken.

the letter from KFC implies that the father is simply missing this dinner with his family, but when i called KFC, the customer service rep specifically referred to the "single mother" commercial! plus, i've looked at the commercial numerous times, there are several shots where the mother IS NOT wearing a wedding ring.

i haven't bought gasoline at a Texaco in over 10 years and it's been almost that long since i've dined in a Denny's, so abstaining from KFC will be a piece of cake. this is my PERSONAL BOYCOTT of KFC... and it will continue.

i guess i would've felt better if i had been contacted by The Colonel.


LLR said...

All of these posts about KFC makes me want some. If it wasn’t so darn expensive, I would pick up a bucket tonight to eat with my black family that consists of a husband, beautiful wife and wonderful daughter.

Unfortunately I can’t boycott them because their original recipe chicken is too good.

plez... said...


according to the commercial, they gotta $4.99 bucket that should feed your family! and since you mentioned fried chicken, i guess i'll fry up my own tonite for my beautiful wife & wonderful daughter (or is tonite spaghetti night?)!

FERGIE said...

I commend your efforts. That's what I am talking about, turn our rants into action. You are a good egg. I am loving your vibe.

dc_speaks said...

yo, plez. I never eat KFC, it is too greasy and salty.

I applaud your efforts and see that you are indeed a man of action as well.

Thanks for the info.


Anitra said...

It's awesome that you took action!... and I can't believe their response. What gumption to say that they look forward to serving you again!!!! You should reply and give them two barrel's full!! www.iloveakiwi.com

LLR said...


according to the commercial, they gotta $4.99 bucket that should feed your family! and since you mentioned fried chicken, i guess i'll fry up my own tonite for my beautiful wife & wonderful daughter (or is tonite spaghetti night?)!

I haven’t seen that special where I live. Plus I gotta get some wings, breasts, biscuits, slaw, and mac & cheese in there. After adding all that I will be right back to their regularly priced 10pc dinner for $16.99.

My anger would be about them having biscuits and sides in the commercial and that isn’t part of the special.

Hopefully my wife hasn’t thrown away the monthly coupons, and then I might be able to afford a little KFC for the family.

The Stepfather of Soul said...

I commend your campaign on this front. I think that in commercials specifically, and in the mass media generally, there is an acceptance that the black fatherless household is "the norm." Although the dollar trumps racial prejudice most of the time, there are still places where prejudices - even if not malevolently employed - are manifested.

Enigmatik said...

And there it is...

KFC doesn't care about Black Dads.

Suldog said...

Man, what a hideous response. Like I said before, I'm on the boycott bandwagon with you. That sure didn't change my mind.

By the way, if The Colonel contacted you, I'd be scared shitless. He's been dead for something like 20 years :-)

LLR said...

this is my PERSONAL BOYCOTT of KFC... and it will continue.
More chicken for me. Well if I ever become a billionaire and can afford it.

remorji said...

If you look closely at the ad featuring the Black family there are only four chairs. That goes to show that no one's stuck in traffic or has a scheduling conflict. I contacted KFC and they sent me the same response that you received. I contacted them again to let them know my dollars will no longer be a part of there till. I then emailed all my contacts and explained what I went through.

Lola Gets said...

Here in DC, they show the father-free commercials, and I thought the same damned thing - how DARE they!

Id boycott KFC, but I dont eat them, so sorry.