Monday, October 01, 2007

Quote of the Day - October 1, 2007

"Childrens do learn"
- George W. Bush speaking before the New York City Chancellor of Schools, P.S. 76 principal, teachers, and about 20 students as "the education president" took credit for higher test scores and an appeal to Congress to renew his No Child Left Behind initiative.

Read the entire Washington Post article here.

plez sez: no surprise here. this coming from a man who takes great pleasure in his self-deprecating approach to his lack intelligence. i'm just perplexed that Bush was "selected" president not once, but twice!

and we also have to ask ourselves, had BARACK OBAMA made a similar gaffe, would we just laugh it off? or would he be pilloried in the press? i think you know the answer!

and speaking of Barack Obama, there is some great news out of Iowa -- Obama is leading in the latest Newsweek poll of likely caucus-goers. Here's the breakdown:

Obama: 28%
Clinton: 24%
Edwards: 22%

since Iowa is the first true test of the nomination process, it is good to see Barack Obama leading a very tight race.


David Sullivan said...

It would be shocking if Obama or any other candidate made a similar gaffe and if they did it would be overlooked because the rest of the candidates are well spoken and it would be out of character. Bush is a moron. (My apologies to all the morons out there, comparing you all to Bush)

Dave J. said...

He was installed the first time, wasn't he? Interestingly, Hitler was "installed" into office the exact same way.

Constructive Feedback said...

Interesting the level of "maturbation" that surrounds the attacks on George Bush. Rather than worrying about a president that will be gone in 16 months you need to be worried about the painful truth that our community has abandoned:

The HIJACKED "Black Agenda"

plez... said...

it's my blog and i'll be worried about whatever in the HELL i want to!

George Bush is STILL an IDIOT... for the next 16 months!

CapCity said...

LOLOLOLOL ROFLMAOOOOFFFFFF! GWB - the "education" president, whew! that's the best laugh i've had in a while...thanx, plez!