Friday, October 26, 2007

Genarlow Wilson Released from Prison

BREAKING NEWS: On October 26, 2007, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the Georgia Supreme Court had ordered his release, calling his 10-year prison sentence "cruel and unusual punishment" under the Georgia state and federal constitutions.

Over four months after a judge ordered that Genarlow Wilson be freed from prison, where he had spent more than two years for receiving consensual oral sex from a 15-year-old girl when he was 17, the Georgia Supreme Court finally gets him out of prison.

Read the entire Atlanta Journal-Constitution article here.

plez sez: several plezWorld blog posts have touched on this story in the past couple of months, like this one and this one.

all along i have contended that i did not like the law with which he convicted; it was a miscarriage of justice to charge this boy with such a heinous crime. the punishment seemed to far exceed the crime and this poor boy lost over 2 years of his life for nothing.

i now hope that Genarlow can work to get his life back on track (he was planning to attend college when he was convicted), i pray that his family can heal the wounds of this horrible ordeal, and i hope the next time that i see this young man's name in the news, that the news will be GOOD NEWS!


Villager said...


Lola Gets said...

Im glad Georgia finally came to its senses.

David Sullivan said...

If him and his buddies did that to my daughter, consensual or not, I would have beat the shit out of him. That said, this was a case where the punsishment did not fit the crime. I hope everyone involved in this can get on with their lives. I hope that parents and kids alike look at this case and realize that when you are fucking around with extreme drinkinge and sexuality. Adults, never mind kids can't handle that shit responsibly. Nothing good can ever come out of videotaping drunken sex acts.

Anitra said...

First they're handing condoms out to middle schoolers, and young kids are engaging in oral sex (never mind the outcome for poor Genarlow!). I'm not a parent yet and am shit scared!! I can barely keep my boxer pup on the straight and narrow! :) It seems parents have a lot more to worry about these days.

plez... said...

Lola & Villager,
i'm glad that this young man is finally free. this was a complete miscarriage of justice.

nothing good comes from videotaping sober sex acts! *smile*

kids are learning about sex at an earlier and earlier age... my daughter is only 6-years old and at times, i'm concerned about what she's exposed to.

you are right... parents have a lot to worry about these days. the thought that middle schoolers would even know to ask for condoms or birth control pills sickens me!