Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Clinton Comeback Kid II

plezWorld Supports Barack Obama!For all of those who were expecting a Clinton Concession Speech last night, were rewarded with an Obama Concession Speech... as Hillary racked up wins in Rhode Island, Ohio, and Texas primaries. a day or so ago, my crystal ball had predicted that her campaign would soldier on, but it had no idea that she would wake up on Wednesday morning all refreshed with a new bounce in her step!

I'm afraid the Democratic Party battle will wage on until the convention in July!

Please recall that Bill Clinton came from behind in 1992 to win the Democratic nomination... could history be repeating itself?

Read the entire Washington Post article about the Clinton wins here.

plez sez: i wasn't surprised with rhode island and i was expecting her to win in ohio. i was SHOCKED that the wheels fell off of the obama bandwagon the way they did in texas (even though she only made off with 4 more delegates than obama)!

based on the way things have panned out since super tuesday, it appears that clinton does well in these large delegate rich states (new york, california, texas, ohio, etc.), while obama message is more amenable to liberal enclaves in midwestern, southern, and western states. something in the pit of my stomach tells me that clinton has regained her composure and will continue to "go negative" on obama's lack of experience (since the "red telephone" ad seemed to work so well in the last week).

it's funny, but when i heard about the "who do you want answering the phone at 3:00 AM?" campaign tactic, the first thing that came to mind was that if hillary was in the white house, the person answering the phone would probably be bill clinton, "uh, mr. president, would you mind putting your wife on the phone!"

i wonder if rep. john lewis is contemplating that he should change his superdelegate vote back to hillary clinton?


David Sullivan said...

Stick a fork in her, shes done.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

It's time for Obama to stop playing nice. Hillary knows how the game is played--with dirt. She threw it all at him.

David Sullivan said...

BB: I disagree. The reason why he has done so well against her is that he appears level headed and Presidential. She, unfortunately for women, appears catty, bitchy and whiny. If he gets down in the dirt he'll just be dirty and fuck himself for the future.

plez... said...

i have to agree with david on this one, if he goes negative, it will go against the message of change that he has been preaching... as hard as it is to do, he must continue to take the high road and continue to QUESTION the experience that she touts!