Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quote of the Day - March 30, 2008

"There is no way that Senator Clinton is going to win enough delegates to get the nomination — she ought to withdraw and she ought to be backing Senator Obama."
- Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont on the reason he is backing Senator Barack Obama for President.

Read the entire New York Times article here.

plez sez: i'm sure the Democratic Party would like to see this nomination process play out, but isn't this race (as far as delegates) over? at this point, it'll be up to the superdelegates to pick the winner... howard dean should call on the superdelegates to pick a winner in the coming weeks, so the eventual nominee can stop getting bludgeoned by a fellow party member and start attacking the republicans.


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Yep, Hillary should quit, it would be best for the party.