Sunday, March 02, 2008

plezWorld - Crystal Ball & Primaries

Primary Punch opines that Team Hillary will soldier on after Super Tuesday 2, with primaries being held in Texas, Ohio, Vermont, and Rhode Island. They write:
The hypothetical some Clinton supporters posit -- Barack Obama wins Vermont, Rhode Island is close, Clinton wins Ohio, Obama wins delegates in Texas but the popular vote is either close or perhaps Clinton wins it.

[If] Clinton can claim at least two if not three victories (Texas popular vote being one of them), I don't get the feeling that Sen. Clinton will be at all inclined to drop out.

Read the entire article here.

plez sez: for weeks following Obama's win in Wisconsin, the pundits have been writing the obit for Hillary Clinton's failed presidential run. many have predicted that she will get beat in Texas (and have a close win in Ohio), thus causing her to see the writing on the wall. she will then gather her advisors upon which an announcement will be made on wednesday that she will throw all of her support her erstwhile, fresh faced, silver voiced opponent.

but everyone's prediction carried a caveat... an out (she's a fighter, she's a survivor, she'll bounce back, etc.).

plezWorld has gazed into an actual crystal ball and asked a simple question: will hillary clinton drop out after super tuesday 2? the crystal ball croaked to life and mist... and replied with the following answer: NO!

crystal ball: she will lose texas outright, she will lose vermont outright, rhode island will be a virtual tie... but her campaign will soldier on based on the eight point squeaker she pulls out of ohio. she'll take that $35 million she raised last month and direct her attention on pennsylvania (her newest firewall).

plezWorld predicts another six weeks of the clintonistas!


tom said...

Six more weeks of Clinton? Sounds like that groundhog saw his shadow!!

Villager said...

I predicted a few weeks ago that Obama would win either Ohio or Texas. I also predicted that Hillary would concede on March 5th. We'll know how my crystal ball was working in the next 48 hours...

peace, Villager

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

man, im waiting on the title fight in November

Lola Gets said...

I couldnt agree with you more Plez. Unfortunately.


Hathor said...

There is no reason to concede. Obama will not have enough delegates. It may be a brokered convention which hasn't happened in over forty years. You think Clinton's delegates are going to roll over?

plez... said...

a week ago, i thought clinton would concede with a loss, but now... i'm not so sure. at this point in her campaign, with lots of NEW MONEY, i think she kind of owes it to her contributors to fight on until the convention... AND who knows what'll happen there! *smile*

Anali said...

I think you're right. Even if Obama wins everything with overwhelming majorities tomorrow, which I don't think will happen, Clinton will keep going. Either way, tomorrow is going to be interesting.

I hope you're feeling better today! Have you tried hot tea with a whole lemon squeezed in and honey? I take that twice a day when I'm sick and I recover very quickly.