Thursday, March 27, 2008

What Would plezWorld Do?!?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that The National Accreditation Commission has voted to revoke Clayton County, Georgia public school district's accreditation unless it meets nine conditions by Sept. 1. If the credentials of the Clayton County schools are yanked, next year's graduates will not be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship (free tuition to Georgia state colleges and universities) and could find it hard to be admitted to many of the nation's colleges and universities. Hundreds of parents are wondering if they should move to another county or wait to see if the (inept?) school board can "right the ship" and prevent the accreditation loss.

Last week, the Georgia High School Association weighed in by voting to extend hardship status to Clayton County student-athletes who transfer to other schools — making them eligible to compete immediately without moving — if their district loses its accreditation. But if the school district meets the nine mandates by September 1st and keeps its accreditation, students who have transferred will not be eligible to compete without moving into the new school district.

Clayton County is the adjacent county that is just southeast of Fulton County and the city of Atlanta.

Read the entire AJC article here.

plez sez: what would plezWorld do?!?

if you've read even a few of my posts, you know what i would've already done!

first, i would've never moved to clayton county in the first place, their school system has been a HOT MESS for over 5 years (they almost lost their accreditation a few years back) and their school board is comprised of a bunch of boobs (and that's a very nice way of saying it).

with that said, if i were a resident of clayton county, my house would be for sale and i would quickly settle in one of the more upwardly mobile surrounding counties (it is time to cut & run): fayette, fulton, dekalb, henry, or cobb. after i have established my residence there, i would go back and burn that house in clayton county to the ground - yes, torch the joint - and mail the keys to the mortgage banker, because NO ONE in their right mind wants to move to clayton county. and if they do, they aren't going to pay you what the damn thing is worth!

you may note that the ajc article about the accreditation loss was in the SPORTS section of the paper! gives you a good idea where their priorities lie.

i must also put a small disclaimer here: i have a six-year old daughter who attends a private school and she will more than likely continue private school education until graduation; plezWife & plezWorld made the conscious decision not to risk our only child's education with the boobs who run the dekalb county schools... i don't wish the loss of accreditation on anyone, but...!

now back to our regularly scheduled programming: i feel sorry for the kids who attend these poorly run schools... and a school has to be pretty damn sorry to risk the loss of accreditation in the state of georgia, i don't believe it has ever happened in a state that consistently ranks in the bottom two nationally! the clayton county school board which oversaw the near destruction of these children's future should be brought up on charges (negligence, malfeasance, wasting taxpayer's money, SOMETHING, ANYTHING), and then lynched hung, drawn, and quartered! white flight has left clayton county to its devices, being run by a ragtag group of ignorant Black folk who are slowly being overrun by an influx of Latino immigrants. believe me when i tell you, this does not look good!

this is another case of white flight bleeding an area of its financial resources, leaving behind a people who are ill-equipped to manage their own lives, much less those of thousands of children. this continues to be a sad day for the children of clayton county.

...what would you do?!?


Hathor said...

What is required and just how difficult would it be to get accreditation? I am sure that there are some knowledgeable parents, they need to step in and if not allowed they need to sue the county. Running away is not a solution. I know there still would be parents that are living on the margins, who care about their children; that would be left.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yea, u know im here. they care more about sports than academic,. add to that the school board in Clayton CTY is disfunctional - i mean fist fighting vin the playground

Fergie said...
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Fergie said...

That whole situation sickens me. As for what I would do - I would figure out a way to get out of that community for the sake of my children. I am fortunate enough to know better than to move into Clayton County but there are those with little to no other options. It seems to me that when gentrification started downtown Atlanta, folks specifically those in low income housing were moved to Clayton County. So again a disservice has been done to the least of us. Those on the school board should be held accountable for their actions and get off their behinds and make the appropriate changes so that come Sept 1 this is a none issue. If they don’t know how to do it, then they need to solicit assistance. Hell, maybe I’ll even form a company that helps failing school systems that are facing accreditation loss turn things around. Those on the school board need to act with the same passion and urgency that they would if there children were being impacted.