Sunday, November 09, 2008

Open Thread for Sunday Morning

After the tumultuous week that was (the election, watching American history unfold before our eyes, endless nights watching CNN and MSNBC, the perpetual news cycle), it would be nice to mellow out with a cup of coffee and the Sunday paper.

~ ~ ~

The Commodores sang, "That's why I'm easy... easy like Sunday morning."

plezWorld is taking it easy, so write what you'd like.


Fergie said...

First and foremost The Commodores are from my home town. I love that song, and it is totally appropiate for this beautiful after glow. You have summed it up best in your writing, we have no more excuses. We must be better and do better.

Happy Sunday!

Anali said...

Nothing better than a slow relaxing Sunday with some good coffee. I love seeing food on your blog! ; )

abi said...

With regards Obama's overseas visit to Middle east & Europe, the order of
his visit to middle east countries, I think ,was wrongly stated by CNN's Christiane Amanpour at that time. I
would appreciate if it is verified.,
because the order has its own significance.