Saturday, November 08, 2008

President-Elect Obama's First Press Conference

President-Elect Barack Obama held his first press conference on Friday afternoon. He talks about the need to address the economy as one of his first acts:

plez sez: wasting no time, only two days after his win, President-Elect Obama met with his economic advisers prior to giving his first press conference. in effort to NOT step on his predecesor's toes, he vowed to wait until after January 20th to implement his plans (unless the lame-duck Congress does something within the next 10 weeks... which is doubtful).

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no surprise to plezWorld, but Obama has not missed a beat since his big win on Tuesday. other than an off-handed remark about nancy reagan (for which he subsequently apologized), Obama got off to a great start. he called for a stimulus package for the middle class and vowed to work with george w. bush to get something done prior to his inauguration.

he introduced a powerhouse group of economic advisors while laying out details for his stimulus plan. lastly, he asked for congress to work with him in a bipartisan manner to solve our economic woes.

during the question and answer period with reporters, Obama was crisp, concise, and humble about his role leading up to the january 20th inauguration.

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