Friday, November 07, 2008

plezWorld on President-Elect Obama

I listened to Barack Obama's victory speech the other night. Actually, I listened to it more than once. My eyes still tear up when he says, "Yes we can."

He was measured, sober, inspirational, and oh-so presidential. It was a simple speech, but he clearly articulated what needs to be done to right the American ship. He talked about what this country needs to do over the next eight years, he was honest and said that many of the things that he plans to accomplish will not be done by the end of his first term.

But what struck me the most about Tuesday night's oratory, was what he said without saying it... he was the personification of a sea change that needs to sweep through this nation. The crowd that he moved represented America and the words that he did not need to speak continue to echo in my mind.

"No more dancing in the end zone. Hand the ball to the referee and go back to your bench."

Gone is the 400-year mentality that implicitly and explicitly defined a slave-class in America. Gone are the feeble excuses of "why not;" Obama said that "anything is possible." We must remove the "no we can't" lexicon from our vocabulary and replace it with a new creed of "yes we can."

Ignorance, pettiness, self-hatred is no longer tolerated. Educate yourself and your children, and love the skin you're in. Brilliance, high mindedness, class, decorum, and poise are the new standard.

The world witnessed the rebirth of the American family standard: a strong-willed and intelligent father at the helm, an equally intelligent and poised mother to manage the hearth, and well-behaved, obedient, and cute children. Men, regardless of color, are now required to be husbands to their wives and fathers to their children. Women are required to demand nothing less of their mates. And children will thrive in a two-parent household. This is the American standard.

I could've sworn that I heard Barack Obama say that it is time for our boys to stop sagging and pull up their pants, go to school, sit up straight, and learn something. Obama said that there is no future in thuggery, misogyny, and self-destructive behavior. You will learn to respect yourself, your parents, and your community. You will not aspire to graduate to a jail cell. Your role models will no longer be thugs, pimps, ne'er-do-well athletes, nor hatred spewin' preachers... you will model your behavior on the President of the United States.

Obama said that our girls will be girls... not little women, not harlots, not "drop-it-like-its-hot" video vixens. They will respect their bodies, their parents, and their communities. You will model your behavior on the First Lady of the United States.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have no idea how Obama plans to fix the economic mess. Will the government continue to take over more of the financial industry or will they allow the free market to correct itself?

Time will only tell what will be the shape of an Obama Administration foreign policy.

After running and winning the most fantastic presidential campaign in the history of our country, there is no doubt that President-Elect Obama will assemble a world-class administration that will be well suited to develop a thoughtful legislative, domestic, and foreign policy for the American people. We can all rest assured that this country is in good hands for the next eight years. President-Elect Obama will govern this country with an eye firmly affixed to our history.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

plezWorld is under no illusion that Obama will fix all of America's ills, but the tenor that resonates in this great land has already changed.

I have already made arrangements for my family to be in Washington, DC on January 20th to witness Barack Obama take the oath of office. I'll be staying with one of my fraternity brothers from college and his family (our daughters are the same age).

I will tell you now... I'll probably cry like a baby while Obama is taking the oath of office!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

From what I have read of Obama's proposal, he dont know eaither. I will detail it my sunday post. it was realy a historic momment. But we better free our minds and recoginze the real. he is one man and although he sounded good and this is historic, america has to want to change, not to mention many of us negro comfortable up in here

i just hope the red states dont take us back pre 1960

plez... said...


i look forward to your sunday post. and no one should lose sight of the fact that we are dealing with ONE human being, a human being who is susceptible to all of the frailities of humanity. and there is only so much that a president can do... but he can use his position in the "bully pulpit" to add voice and direction to his vision for change, he can make the world feel alittle better about America, and i feel that he can definitely INSPIRE many to do more than they thought was possible.

there will always be detractors and out-and-out enemies... but as you stated so eloquently on your blog the need to fulfill the hard work that was done by those parents and grandparents and great-grandparents who have sacrificed for us: "I have learned that the weapon of choice in the war with injustice and hate is the mind as facilitated with words seasoned with serious rumination and historical precedence."

David Sullivan said...

I may see you in DC on 1/20/09

plez... said...

that'll be like trying to find a needle in a haystack... there are estimates of upwards of 10-20 million visitors in DC for the Inauguration (i know people!). but i'll be on the lookout for you... you're like my "brother of a different color" and would love to meet you for a couple of beers!