Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Limbaugh on Obama: "I hope he fails"

Speaking on the policies and tactics that President Barack Obama plans to use as he attempts to set this country on the right track -- on the day of his inauguration -- Rush Limbaugh hopes that Obama fails!

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plez sez: rush must still be popping those pain pills. he blathers on like a complete idiot, completely oblivious to the mess that de-regulation and a lax bush administration has done to the world economy.

limbaugh (and his "right wing wacko" thought process) is a cancer upon this land... he should be cut away and left to rot in a trash heap! if you are still listening to this *ISH* on daily basis, i implore you to turn your radio OFF!

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Villager said...

I used to enjoy listening to Rush Limbaugh when I was driving in my car. However, he has veered off the path and no longer seems to have any clue as to what is occurring in the real world.

Hannity is in the same category.

I feel sorry for both of them.

peace, Villager