Sunday, January 25, 2009

Open Thread for Sunday Morning in plezWorld III

It feels as though plezWorld has been on the run for two weeks. I've been to North Carolina for a funeral, I've been to Washington, DC for Obama-mania, and I've spent this entire weekend at a fraternity board meeting. And to top it off, on Sunday afternoon, the SugarPlum is performing with her class in their annual "Peace Celebration" for Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

WHEW! Okay, I'm not taking it easy... but you can.

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The Commodores sang, "That's why I'm easy... easy like Sunday morning."

plezWorld is taking it easy, so write what you'd like.

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Brown Man said...

All my "went to D.C. buddies" are worn out - but HAPPY!

My two cents for today:

Obama On America's Mind

You need to post some of those pics you took in D.C. next week, Plez.

Keith said...

Wow Frat, looks like you've been doing it big lately. Go on and do your thing and get your much deserved rest..Tomorrow is Monday
and we start all over again.

plez... said...

we'll try to post some pics next week (i already pulled some pics off the camera for my daughter's presentation at school last week).