Saturday, January 24, 2009

Obama Lobbies for Stimulus Package in Radio Address

In the first weekly address of his administration, President Obama asked for swift action on his economic stimulus plan.

plez sez: unemployment rates have soared to unprecedented levels as the economy has continued to falter. i hate to watch another stimulus plan, as the wall street bailout and the auto bailout and the mortgage bailout has failed to move the needle on the current recession. i am afraid of throwing another trillion dollars on untrackable and unnecessary measures that will never touch everyday americans.

but it appears that by doing nothing, the economy will continue to get worse before it shows any improvement.

President Obama's plan "promises" an investment in job growth that touches many areas of the economy: infrastructure, schools, local government, etc. for that reason, and that reason alone, i will support the Obama Plan and hope that my congressmen (senators and representative) sign on their support.

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Read the Washington Post article about Obama's stimulus plan.

Read the article about Obama's first weekly address.

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mberenis said...

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The Intellectual Redneck said...

Do all our Congressmen and Congresswomen own bank stock? Nancy Pelosi wants more TARP money than the 700 billion already wasted

Villager said...

I appreciate you sharing his weekly message on your blog. I want to do the same thing each Saturday. It's a slow blog traffic day anyhow.

That being said ... I figure that we elected Obama so we should give him opportunity to put his stimulus plan into full effect. He is going for big-bang to create jobs. Let him do it. The republicans lost the election, so I'm not feelin' any of their arguments at this point.

peace, Villager