Friday, February 13, 2009

Atlanta Falcons Move to Trade Michael Vick

BREAKING NEWS -- It is no surprise, but reports the Atlanta Falcons are seeking to trade the rights of suspended and imprisoned quarterback Michael Vick.

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Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff said the team is preparing to trade Vick’s contractual rights in an interview that appeared on the team’s website on Friday.

“With regards to Michael Vick, we’ve decided to seek a trade of his contractual rights to another NFL club,” Dimitroff told the website. “We took a number of steps in the 2008 season, including using our first pick to draft a quarterback. We feel a trade is the best move for the Falcons, and it’s also in the best interest of Michael. This has been a really unique situation from a variety of standpoints and because we will actively be involved in a trade situation, I don’t envision our organization speaking any more about this subject publicly until it’s reached a resolution.”

Vick is currently in federal prison on felony charges related to dogfighting and is scheduled to be released in July.

Vick has a lucrative contract that runs to 2013 and calls for him to receive a base salary of $9 million and a bonus of $6.43 million in 2009. The remainder of the contract is worth $45.11 million, with another possible $3 million in Pro Bowl bonuses.

Vick is currently under indefinite suspension from the league. Dimitroff said he had not heard from the NFL about a timeline for Vick’s reinstatement once he is released from prison.

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plez sez: duh! the falcons used a first round draft pick last year to get matt ryan - a quarterback. he turned out to be a pretty good one, too!

atlanta doesn't need michael vick... and there's too much bad history here anyway. to my way of thinking, they should've been attempting to trade him a year before the whole dogfighting incident, neither vick nor the falcons were improving. there were never any plans to make vick a better qb and as a result, there was never a clear line of sight to making the falcons a better team!

given the right circumstance, matt ryan could conceivably meet michael vick in the playoffs in a few years... you heard it on plezWorld first!

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Read the article about Michael Vick about to get traded by Atlanta Falcons.

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