Thursday, February 12, 2009

Trouble in the Obama Cabinet

Tax problems. Nanny problems. Husband problems. Ex-president problems. Pay-to-play problems. Now, philosophical differences.

Fresh off the Tom Daschle debacle with the Health and Human Services cabinet spot - tax problems - President Obama wakes up to another cabinet appointee withdrawing his name from consideration for an Obama cabinet post. This time, it's Republican Sen. Judd Gregg citing "irresolvable conflicts" over the stimulus bill and the upcoming 2010 census.

plez sez: Huh?!?

Yeah, that's right. Sen. Gregg got wobbly kneed at the prospect of appearing to support a stimulus bill that he would've never supported had he been on the Senate floor. And he would've had to preside over a 2010 Census that he would probably oppose when he was a Republican senator.

So that makes three cabinet posts (two for Commerce) that have decided to call it quits before getting confirmed. Though, not earth-shattering, it is troubling never-the-less. I would imagine a great deal of effort goes into deciding to tap someone for a high government post; one would also imagine that the task is doubly taxing when you have to find a second-, or in this case, a third-string replacement for a highly publicized job opening. You have to wonder, who wants to be the Commerce Secretary after two people (a Democratic governor and a Republican senator) have already turned it down... talk about getting "sloppy seconds"!

This also must be taxing on an administration that is trying to get its feet under it so it can begin to run the country. The economy grows worse with each passing day, a record-breaking stimulus package that may (or may not) work is winding its way through Congress with little or no bipartisan support, there are still two wars going on, AND the Obama Transition Team has to gear up to select and vet another Commerce nominee... not good!

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imee said...

That's just pure chaos going on right now, I just hope all the issues will be resolved soon or we'll all be doomed.