Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama Submits First Budget to Congress

President Obama Submits His First Budget to Congress

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For years, congressional Democrats tried to avoid anything that would let Republicans slap the tax-and-spend label on them. But on Friday, they cautiously embraced President Barack Obama's budget, with its ambitious blend of new spending and tax increases, calculating that they can turn the old attack line to their benefit.

As they began to digest the administration's fiscal blueprint, even Democrats with reservations hailed it as a long-overdue example of honesty in federal budgeting after years of what one lawmaker called "fudgeting."

Several said they saw the tax increases as reasonable ones that could be sold to the public in difficult economic times, especially because middle-class taxes would be cut under the president's plan.

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Read or download a pdf of President Obama's first budget.

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plez sez: there's no such thing as a free lunch. you have to pay the cost to be the boss... i think there's at least one more cliche' in there, but i'm not up to ferreting it out at this time!

at least the republicans can trot out there "tax & spend liberal" moniker... even though, it took the country almost 30 years to figure out that reaganomics would never work!

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Read the San Jose Mercuty News article about support amongst Democrats is tenuous for Obama's budget.

Read the article about key budget figures, by department (must read).

Read the article about Obama's $3 trillion budget.

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