Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Blackwater's CEO Resigns

Back in December 2008, plezWorld took a peek into the shadowy and fetid world that is Blackwater International. Five of their mercenary murderers were actually accused of... yep, murder while "on duty" in Iraq. Their case is winding its way through a courtroom in Utah. Their shadowy and fearless leader, Erik Prince, has decided to drag his cash-laden luggage out the backdoor while no one was looking!

CNN.com reports that Prince, founder of the Blackwater Worldwide security firm, announced Monday he has resigned as head of the company, recently renamed Xe. Prince, in an e-mail to employees and independent contractors, said Danielle Esposito will become chief operating officer and executive vice president. Esposito has worked for the firm and its partners for nearly 10 years. Blackwater/Xe's president, Gary Jackson, is also retiring. And the position of CEO will remain open, the company said.

This wouldn't be such a big deal if not for the indictments for murder for five of his employees and the fact that Blackwater/Xe had the largest security contract in Iraq. Incidentally, the US State Department and the Iraqi government declined to renew Blackwater's very lucrative contract in light of the murder indictments. Losing the contract will be a huge blow to Blackwater, which was renamed Xe last month. While the company is privately held, the Iraq contract has been estimated to make up one-third to one-half of its business. Blackwater/Xe has about two dozen aircraft in Iraq, as well as 1,000 personnel.

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plez sez: a show of hands... who thinks their contract would've been renewed had john mccain been elected president? oh yeah, you too?!?

go back to my december post on these characters and see how cocky prince is in the interview with "60 Minutes." he is unrepentant as the blood of the iraqi people drip from his spindly fingers. another bush-cheney crony who is taking a hike with hundreds of millions of dollars to show for it... this is maddening!

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