Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Breakfast Song - Tupelo, Mississippi

Someone sent me the link to this song and I just had to share it with plezWorld.

The song aired in 2004 on "The Kay Bain Show," a morning show on NBC affiliate WTVA in Tupelo, MS. It features Minister Cleo Clariet accompanied by his fiance Katherine Lane. Enjoy!

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plez sez: INSERT "joke about mississippi" HERE!

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Truthiz said...

i'm_um_nearly speechless as i sit here, my mouth agape, thinking that__surely this is a joke?!_lol.

i was raised in large part by my maternal gransparents, who were born and raised in "the deep south" (my grandmom was a southern-belle from Savannah, Ga and she married my grand-dad who was from Dothan, Ala.)

by the time i was born they had migrated north to PA but remain very connected to their "southern roots."

we went south at least once a year, every year, usually during the summer.

i'm no stranger to "southern ways", "humor", "idiosyncrasies" or "peculiarities"__but THIS takes the cake_lol!

Truthiz said...

and i forgot to mention, i now live in south carolina and i've not seen anything quite this_um different_not even in sc!

Hathor said...

Never heard sermon based on the mundane? Flip Wilson use to do comedy sketches base on them.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

what u know about Mi crooked letter lol