Sunday, March 29, 2009

Open Thread for Sunday Morning in plezWorld IX

At this posting, plezWorld is dog tired: I'm coming down off of the presentation high I got from the Power Up! America Campaign event that I co-hosted yesterday in Stone Mountain, Georgia (I really appreciate the 10 people who braved the torrential rains and a major power outage that lasted over an hour), I've also been prepping for a training class that I have to deliver on tomorrow (I just found out about the class on Friday morning and I still haven't received all of the training materials), and then later this evening, my new fraternity brothers at Georgia Tech are having their probate show.

WHEW! I'm tired just typing it... much less, having to live it. And to think that I have to be up at the break of dawn on Monday to get ready to deliver the first of two whole days of training... yippee! At least it's a paycheck (something that I haven't seen in the past couple of months)!

~ ~ ~

The Commodores sang, "That's why I'm easy... easy like Sunday morning."

plezWorld won't be taking it easy today, but I'd still like for you to write what you'd like.

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David Sullivan said...

Man I loved the Commodores!!!

But I can't stand Lionel when he did "ALL Night Long"

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yep like sunday morning

Kim said...

I know it's Tuesday, but I like Zoom by the Commodores. That is like my favorite Sunday afternoon song of all times.