Friday, October 09, 2009

SF Muni (Public Transportation) Fight

The video speaks for itself:

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plez sez: ole girl should've known something was up when the other woman put her stuff down and took off her bag!

now... how in the HELL are you gonna throw the first punch... and then get your ignorant ass whooped?!?

i laughed sooooo damn hard, i couldn't believe what i was seeing.

note to plezWorld: don't ride on MUNI through chinatown and start no sh*t... 'cause someone from chinatown just may end it!

note to the sista who got five to the dome, repeatedly: next time, call for a cab!

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David Sullivan said...

He, he nothing like a good catfight to wake you up in the morning! How's that ramblin' wreck?

plez... said...


the WRECK is ramblin' on... 3-1 with the sole loss to miami... we should be looking at a good bowl game this year.

how're the sox holding up?!?

Villager said...

Ol' girl in the windbreaker wasn't taking' no shyt. The other one got that first punch ... then Ol' girl went extreme fight mode. It was funny to see the sista at the end straightening up her air and waiting for the next bus! :)

peace, Villager

David Sullivan said...

Dark days in New England my man..