Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"This Is It" by Michael Jackson

To coincide with the upcoming movie with the same name, "This Is It" is the first recording by Michael Jackson that has been released posthumously. I imagine this is only the beginning, since there are probably hundreds of recordings that have never been released... enjoy!

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plez sez: ...it's as though he's still with us!

i like this song... and i'll be going to the movie when it opens later this month.

~ ~ Citations ~ ~

Go to MichaelJackson.com and find out more about the movie "This Is It".

Read the Access Atlanta article about Paul Anka co-wrote "This Is It" which he claims was recorded back in the early-80's during MJ's "Thriller" days.

Read the Access Atlanta article about Michael Jackson's newly released song.

Read the CNN.com article about MJ's "newest" song.

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