Sunday, April 20, 2008

...and Georgia Tech's T-Game!

Photo courtesy of AJC.comWhat a gorgeous afternoon for some mindless spring football. Georgia Tech's Yellow Jackets hit the field on a sun-drenched Saturday afternoon, temperatures in the mid-70's, and not a cloud in the sky.

The new head coach, Paul Johnson, probably wished that fewer people had shown up to watch the team butcher his option spread offense. Numerous fumbles. It was well into the second quarter before either the blue or white team could muster two first downs in a possession. Kinda sloppy... but then again, it is the spring and this is a brand new coach with a brand new offense.

plezWorld had the wife and the SugarPlum in tow, neither of which seemed concerned with the ineptitude displayed on the field, but then again, my wife is a graduate of the University of Georgia (who had their G-Game a few weeks ago). The first team offense & second team defense (white) got trounced 24-7 by the second team offense & first team defense (blue). And it wasn't that close... the second string quarterback threw for two touchdowns, while the first string quarterback couldn't get much of a ground game nor air attack going.

The bright spots of the day was that three of my frat brothers are on the team and all three saw quality time on the field today (Derrick Morgan, DE held it down for the blue team defense and Alex Walker performed for special teams). And Michael Peterson, CB played good in the secondary for the white team, in a losing effort (he didn't give up either of the touchdowns).

It was a busy day, first the SugarPlum's ballet recital, we scooted home to change clothes and grab some lunch, and then we returned to the Georgia Tech campus for the T-Game. Unfortunately, it was not enough football to sate my craving for a late August start to the fall campaign... I can't wait!


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Plez, come by and pick up your award when you have a moment...

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but will they beat georgia