Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Atlanta Hawks in NBA Playoffs

New Hawks Logo for 2007-08Since the 1999 NBA season, Atlanta Hawks fans have been waiting to return to playoffs. Well, the prayers of Hawks fans everywhere - well, there's only a few left - have been answered: with a loss by the Indianapolis Pacers earlier this evening, the Hawks have backed into the eighth (and final) spot in the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

Unfortunately, that means that they'll square off against the top seeded Boston Celtics who currently own the best record in the NBA. And even more than that, the Celtics' second team mopped up the gym with the Hawks on this past Saturday night.

This is probably a mixed blessing since the Hawks will undoubtedly have an early exit from the playoffs - think three and out! Their poor excuse for a head coach and their inept GM will probably get reprieves from a pink slip... so it is guaranteed to be more mediocrity next year, since they won't be in the NBA Lottery (which they would've blown anyway).

Hurray for the Hawks... boo hoo for the Hawks fans who'll get the chance to see their miserable season (below .500) extended for another three games in a series of pitiful blowouts at the hands of the dreaded Boston Celtics.

Read the AJC article about the Hawks' playoff bid here.

plez sez: thinking out loud - if the Hawks were to win the first round series against the Celtics, that would easily be the biggest upset in the history of modern sports!

i only posted this article because i'm a homer... i honestly couldn't name the five starters for Atlanta Hawks, nor have i seen more than 10 seconds of any of their games this season. so i don't even count as a fair weather fan!

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Unknown said...

Plez --> I'm glad that the Hawks get a taste of the playoffs. The Golden State Warriors turned their franchise around by winning the first-round last year against #1 Dallas Mavericks. Perhaps Atlanta can do the same this year...