Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tavis Smiley and the Bitch Move

Tavis Smiley QUITS Tom Joyner Morning Show

The following are excerpts from an article on Black America Web that is credited to Tom Joyner (the host of the Tom Joyner Morning Show):
Well, you did it. This isn’t the way you wanted it to happen, but it happened anyway. Just like I knew it would.

I got a call from Tavis on yesterday. And he told me he was quitting the show. He told me the reason was that he was tired and has a lot of things going on, and he feels that now is a good time to leave the show.

We all know that isn’t the real reason he’s leaving the show. The real reason is that he can’t take the hate he’s been getting regarding the Barack issue — hate from the black people that he loves so much. He needed to feel the love. We all do, whether it’s from our radio audience or from people we know personally. He wasn’t feeling any love, so he quit.

A while back, he told us that I don’t speak for him. But this morning, since he isn’t here to speak for himself, I think it’s my job as a colleague and a friend. And maybe this time, you’ll really listen to me.

Tavis truly loves black people. I tried to tell you that. The hate he’s been getting hurts. He’ll never admit that, but it’s true.

plez sez: this is a bitch move by tavis smiley!

Black people APPLAUDED Barack Obama for skipping tavis's stupid re-tread "Covenant with Black America" a few weeks ago and it hurt tavis's feelings. tavis is upset that Black people are giving Barack Obama near unanimous support while ridiculing the onerous behavior of one tavis smiley.

tavis smiley wanted to play the role of kingmaker, he wanted all of the presidential candidates - especially the Black one - to kiss his ring (and his ass) for validation... Barack Obama skipped that step and Black people applauded his independence from tavis smiley and his ilk!

so, instead of taking his rebuke like a man, instead of admitting that he is not a kingmaker, instead of admitting that while he was kissing up to hillary clinton, Black folk were still supporting Barack Obama... tavis smiley has taken his marbles and is going home.

don't be surprised, he's quit before. read the Time Magazine article about him quitting NPR about three and a half years ago here. he complained that NPR was not doing enough to bring Black radio listeners to his show.

plezWorld sez, "Bye bye, Tavis, you're schtick was played out anyway!"


Janet Shan said...

He is being a crybaby. Can't stand the heat in the kitchen, so the next best thing for him to do is run! What a wuss!

Lola Gets said...

Stop being a pantywaist Tavis!


Danielle said...

See ya! Folks can dish, but they can't take.

Demitrius Rex said...

Ditto...major bitch move. Not that he shoulda jumped on the Barack bandwagon, but to come out swinging against him so virulently exposes some kinda psychosis he has as far as being the only person of influence in the Black American sphere is concerned. Thanks for giving me a reason to scream at my radio all these years, Tavis!