Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mary J. Blige - Just Fine

They are truly working it out...

plez sez: even though, i abhor the thought of another Electric Slide-type dance routine, i gotta admit that this group is definitely working it out... they're doing "just fine!"

the link was sent to me in an e-mail message. i would love to find out who this group is and do they have customized dances for different songs. if you know, leave a comment.


Hathor said...

Before "Electric Slide" Black people lined danced and the steps were dependent on the region. The guy who tried to copyright the Electric Slide, probably took the choreography from high school students in some black community. I remember the dance way before disco in the 70's.

Hathor said...

I know I didn't answer your question.

Lola Gets said...

One of the versions of the "Hustle" was a line dance. I didnt learn that til I was in college, lol.

And no, I didnt answer your question either, haha.