Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bigot on Motorcycle in Florida

This picture was forwarded to plezWorld on Wednesday evening by the brother of the woman who took this pic on her camera phone this past weekend. You read the caption correctly, it reads "Nigger Please! It's a White House".

If you look alittle closer at the fender, he's a McCain/Palin supporter! The McCain campaign has made racism and racist comments toward Obama by his supporters acceptable... read this and this and this.

Nothing would please plezWorld more than to have this dude (and thousands like him) wake up on November 5th with Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

After the second debate in Nashville, McCain took his road show to visit the good people of Strongsville, Ohio. read more...


Ramblin' Rebel With a Clause said...

Hold the Bus, or go to the back seat!!!!!

1) This rider appears to be of darker skin tone to me!
2) when I was a little crook I was taught to use deceptions, Christian bumper stickers, "I support the FOP" stickers and all that crap. This guy is probably a BO supporter, just out to galvanize folks.
3) I finally go a "poll call" I was dumped on question two. vomit it is all vomit.
4) What camera phone was used, it has incredible resolution, like i have yet to see!

plez... said...

ramblin' rebel,

1) i hate to say this, in a more political correct way, i'd like to say that i beg to differ.
2) once again, it is pretty obvious to the casual observer that this guy is NOT Black... and i truly doubt that he's an Obama supporter.
3) if you think the guy in the picture is an Obama supporter in McCain-sticker-clothing, then i'm sure you wouldn't be a good candidate to participate in a poll.
4) this is one of two pictures that i received, the other shows the dashboard (and windshield wipers) on the car... this is the clearer picture. if your camera phone has a resolution of 2 megapixels, you could take pictures like this...

David Sullivan said...

Plez, I told you back when everyone was bitching about the Clintons that they ain't seen nothing yet and wait for the General Election to see some REAL shit!!! Told ya so.

plez... said...


HA HA HA... yeah, you told me so! *smile*

i guess the next couple of weeks are going to be a doozy!!!

David Sullivan said...

One good thing is that people are showing their true "colors", white aquaintences, who I never thought were racist or at least never expressed such have been showing themselves more and more the closer Obama gets to winning. I just hope Barack's security is tight 'cause the frindge is getting whipped inot a frenzy by Tootsie and McNuggets.

Mickey White said...

So are you the one who sent this race baiting picture to MediaTakeout or did the person with the outstanding camera phone send it to them as well? On their site they added the caption "how most McCain supporters feel" If this isn't race baiting I don't know what is. I recieved a copy of this inflamatory picture from a black friend of mine who is more like family as he lived at my house for more than a year while he got on his feet, and I am Livid that Barack Obama and his supporters have gone this low. I am not a Racist because I disagree with everything that Barack Obama says. I am against big government programs that endenture people to them, instead of allowing them to succeed.

I don't know how any Christian of any color could vote for a man that supported killing babies after they were born alive. Obama did that 3 times while an Illinois Senator.

There are many reasons I won't vote for Obama, but none of them involve the color of his skin.

plez... said...

tight security is an understatement.

i'm afraid i'm not THAT ONE who sent this picture to MediaTakeout.

if you don't agree with Obama's policies and politics, i would encourage you to vote for someone who more mirrors your views. in no way does my posting of this picture imply that MOST mccain/palin supporters are racists, BUT i will say that over the past week, the mccain/palin team have engaged in tactics that are FAR MORE racist, xenophobic, and divisive than this innocuous picture... and THAT's why i posted it!

Hathor said...

Race Baiting? That is the kind of stuff that would make me want to throw a tire iron through his spokes.

Pickman said...

The man in the photo is clearly black. The lightest parts of his skin in the picture are similar to the lightest parts of plez' own picture, just to the right.

The text could be shopped, but it probably isn't. It follows the contours of his back very well. There's some jpeg noise around it, but that's what you'd expect with black on white text.

The most likely conclusion then is the one reached by the first commenter, that this is an Obama supporter engaged in an exceptionally audacious political troll.

As an Obama supporter and an admirer of the provocateur's art, I have to say I'm impressed.

sandrasores said...

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