Saturday, December 27, 2008

Funky Interlude - New Birth - "I Can Understand It" (1973)

Put some bass in your face. The drummer keepin' you on the one. Drop them funky horns in your ear hole.

"Do it on the good foot. Do it on the right foot. Do it on the left foot."

~ ~ ~

plez sez: this is a remix and cover of bobby womack's "I Can Understand It." at the time, this was probably the funkiest thing i'd heard other than james brown (the opening rapper sounds a lot like the godfather of soul). i love the live feel of the groove, that goddamn bass player is all up in it... and the percussion just keeps it movin'!

i just had to include bobby womack's (original) version of this song... it has more of a SOUL rather than FUNK feel. it's slower, more mellow, has fewer sharp edges, a much smaller group of instruments (i didn't hear any horns), but as in the new birth cover, the bass player is all up in it.

enjoy a "double shot" in plezWorld

~ ~ New Birth "I Can Understand It" ~ ~
The Cover & Remix

~ ~ ~

~ ~ Bobby Womack "I Can Understand It" ~ ~
The Original

Lesson over. Class Dismissed!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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